Saturday, April 16, 2005

Road to Techno-Speak

Do you remember when people talked with each other? When they walked down the street and looked into faces and spoke? Do you remember when people cared about people problems and not just for self aggrandizement? Well, those days are just about gone and anyone who has any insight needn’t ask why. It begins at the beginning.

America sends its children off to school each morning with the hope that they will someday evolve into this well rounded human being. A human being that will not only be self sufficient, but hopefully make some meaningful contribution towards the welfare of humankind. If that’s the parent’s goal, then its best to keep them home.

Education today is not a human centered endeavor, therefore; when the mold is being shaped in schools it becomes truncated. I say this because post-secondary education has devolved into three basic categories. Math, Science and Special Education.

The “special interest” in society, mostly business interest, have decided that technology and capitalism are society's saviors. They feel the science of technology is needed to attempt to solve problems like global warming and environmental pollution that doing business has caused. Business also emphasizes science to try to curtail fears of disease and dying while pharmaceutical companies rake gigantic profits. Math is needed to maintain the ideals of capitalism and world-wide supremacy through the use of technology and its concomitant idea of progress. Society then needs the combination of the two to create weapons of mass destruction/control and also expand itself to places like Mars.

The third prong, special education, is for those children who had no particular interest in Math or Science. They usually find technology basically boring, unless it has entertainment value. They are the children that didn’t make the math-science cut in the early grades and tracked into a kind of social anonymity. They are mostly those “right brain” children, the ones who like to talk, have music jumping around in their heads and dream. A great many of the children “No Child Left Behind,” is leaving behind.

The marriage between academia and business with ideas of “world leadership” as its bride’s maid, creates a milieu of “societal darlings” that fit the capitalist script. Special Education children are left looking inside. With the nature of humans needing some type of recognition, not to mention financial rewards, in a society that creates anonymity, allows buying into the techno-scientific culture very easy. The focus, rewards, and accolades goes to those who can best memorized texts and regurgitate them hopefully with a different spin. Creativity in the realm of human development becomes obfuscated. People become limited in their desire to have eclectic “human-centered” conversations because they are programmed to indulge in and appreciate techno-speak. Interpersonal relationships are often carried out in the ambiguity of chat rooms and cyber space. One can even go to war or have sex while participating in the ultimate human degradations of killing or sexual objectification while on line.

As I mentioned earlier, anyone with insight needn’t ask why. However even with insight, I still ask why. I ask why parents send their children off to molding factories known as schools without understanding there total implications. I ask why parents can’t grasp that society is getting worst, and making the connection that creative human interactions through a varied curriculum are all but overlooked in schools in favor of the push for math and science geniuses. But given the rash of violence in schools, it seems that gun toting has become a substitute for creative interaction. Why can’t parents figure out that no matter how much math and science their children learn or become techno savvy, it is basically useless because education must be for the life’s amelioration, not its alienation.

Education should be well rounded to include and have equal appreciation in our society for the arts, legitimate open social sciences, cultural and physical education. Each must share a universal prestige placing math and science in the venue of students who have that aptitude and placing the arts, social sciences, cultural and physical education in the venue of students with those aptitudes. I believe this will also lessen the need for “special education” classes. I would further suspect that if society doesn’t abandon this very slippery slope towards almost total technological dependence, it will experience simultaneous human interpersonal erosion. I think American society or any society can’t afford such and should really examine its sacred cow education by starting at the beginning.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

My European Origin Theory

My European Origin Theory

One theory on the origin of the European: The story that Africans migrated to Europe then due to climatic change mutated from black people to white people due to a vitamin “D” deficiency for me is suspect. I challenge this theory because of the following: This “migration” supposedly took place approximately 40,000 years ago. It would then follow that this “mutation” had to postdate 40,000 years ago. Upon investigation, I found that there are two types of mutations which would directly affect this occurrence, 1. Germinal (A cell from which other cells are derived, especially a dividing cell in the embryonic neural tube) and 2. Somatic (Any cell of a plant or an animal other than a germ cell. Also called body cell). Mutations due to a vitamin deficiency would be classified as Somatic Mutations.

Somatic means that the mutation takes place in the body and not in the sexual cells (Germinal) and ends when the host dies and is not passed on to the next generation.

“Whatever the effect, the ultimate fate of that somatic mutation is to disappear when the cell in which it occurred, or its owner, dies. Germline mutations, in contrast, will be found in every cell descended from the zygote to which that mutant gamete contributed. If an adult is successfully produced, every one of its cells will contain the mutation. Included among these will be the next generation of gametes, so if the owner is able to become a parent, that mutation will pass down to yet another generation.”

Somatic mutations need time to evolve and 40,000 years is not enough time for this type of mutation to occur in a body cell without the aid of some type of out side phenomena. Therefore, within this given time any vitamin deficiency would be unable to affect the cells of the body turning them from black to white.

“The effect of natural selection on gene frequencies can be quantified. Let us assume a population containing36% homozygous dominants (AA)48% heterozygotes (Aa) and*16% homozygous recessives (aa)*The gene frequencies in this population arep = 0.6 and q = 0.4The heterozygotes are just as successful at reproducing themselves as the homozygous dominants, but the homozygous recessives are only 80% as successful. That is, for every 100 AA (or Aa) individuals that reproduce successfully only 80 of the aa individuals succeed in doing so. The fitness (w) of the recessive phenotype is thus 80% or 0.8."

What does that mean? I would say one very early migration of the African, perhaps Neanderthal, became isolated during one of the many glacial periods. Due to limited female and nutritional resources, they had to revert to inter-breeding. This inbreeding over time caused a permanent mutation in their germinal cells, thus passing this mutation into their somatic cells. Evolution allowed the mutation of the Y chromosome to change those things that were least needed in the colder climates, one being Melanin, creating the mm gene pool in the Neanderthal.

During another warming period, another migration out of Africa traveled to Europe. (Grimaldi?) They also became a victim of a glacial cooling period and due to limited female and nutritional resources, inter-bred with the Neanderthal and also bred among them selves creating the mutation from mm to pm genes in the Y chromosome. This perhaps caused a permanent mutation in their germinal cells to pm genes. The small “p” gene affected mostly phenotype. Melanin was no longer dominate because of climatic conditions.

I would further assume about 8,000 years ago a third migration left Africa and migrated to Europe. During this period due to both early exploration and later conquest, interbreeding took place and introduced into the gene pool of Europe the “Pm” gene. I would surmise because of new technology at the time, which allowed for faster insemination of genes into the population, at least 36% of the modern day Europeans carry this gene.

My conclusions for the origin of the European are as follows:

(mm) (16%) Carrying chromosomes this gene in Y chromosomes.
(pm) (48%) Carrying chromosome of this gene in Y chromosomes. (affecting mostly Phenotype)
(Pm) (36%) Carrying chromosome of this gene in Y chromosones. (reintroduction of Melanin on a very limited scale.)

This is only MY theory and really needs further investigation.


“Interbreeding was a mainstay of human evolution well before 100,000 years ago, Templeton contends. The evolutionary trees that he devised indicate that four nuclear DNA sites first arose approximately 600,000 years ago, he says. Of the remaining six DNA regions in his study, four of them appeared between 500,000 and 200,000 years ago. A major migration of people from Africa to Asia occurred between 840,000 and 420,000 years ago, Templeton estimates. A second large out-of-Africa migration followed at around 100,000 years ago. If that event had resulted in the replacement of non-African groups, it would have erased genetic evidence of the older expansion, he asserts, "This new analysis is complicated, but it makes the most sense of any genetic study of evolution that I've seen," comments anthropologist John H. Relethford of the State University of New York at Oneonta. He agrees with Templeton that human origins lie mostly but not completely in Africa and that dispersed populations interbred.”