Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The new found power of the religious right is constantly trying to improve upon itself. The latest “fad” is their theory of “Intelligent Design.” As many of us know this idea is based on some intelligent being or entity creating life. They say it’s not God, but we know better. This concept is just a veiled attempt to further propagate what they consider their religious profundity.

I understand that the vast majority of those who wish to believe in Intelligent Design are really seeking some answers to what has been passed down through religious doctrine as, man being born in sin and the idea of salvation because God has a special place in his heart for us, therefore he has to be anthropomorphic. If you don't believe me ask Adam or Eve. But how would those right to lifers, religious pundits or Intelligent Design theorist explain the fact that there could be silicon based life? Why didn't the Intelligent Designer make Sandmen too?

I ask that questions because I wonder why, whoever their Intelligent Designer was, didn’t make silicon-based life as well as carbon based- life? Silicon is abundant in the universe. Without a doubt he had to know how if what they purport is true and he/she had the where with all to create us. But seriously, that wouldn’t fit their religo-socio-politico objectives. Can you image their Intelligent Designer being made of sand? How could we experience "salvation" from a Sand God? Can you imagine this Intelligent Designer making sandmen? Although silicon-based life is a slight possibility, it is still a possibility and no match for any Intelligent Designer to create. An article in Inside/Out suggest:

“Biologists have noted the proximity of carbon and silicon in the periodic table. Both elements are in Group 4 of the periodic table. NB Modern chemists now refer to these elements as Group 14. Elements in the same Group of the periodic table have very similar properties. In fact our cells have difficulty in distinguishing between calcium and strontium, both in Group 2 of the periodic table. Some scientists have supposed that it might be possible for some kind of life form to develop using silicon instead of carbon as the basis for life. Such organisms might have evolved on other planets in remote solar systems under very different conditions or even in the fiercely hot magma beneath the Earth’s crust.

I really wonder if Phillip Johnson and his fellow theorist foresaw the hijacking of their ideas by the religious right? I also wonder why religious folks are always “back-door-in” scientific discovery. For example, there were no dinosaurs, the earth is only 6,000 years old, evolution is false, and there was a flood that consumed all the earth. Science has just about discounted these notions but the Intelligent Design camps are still trying to come up with a rationale for their power base quest. I suppose the field of academic scholarship is too demanding for them. And I would suspect those that know evolution is the answer, the temptation of money and power is too great to turn down.

The sad part is that our own social evolution is stifled because their God or Designer of the Universe must have human likeness and qualities or else we could never begin to conceive of him conceiving us. We humans must have a special relationship both positive and negative with him and/or the Intelligent Designer. He belongs to only us and protects only us in the entire Universe. This must be true or else Silicon people would inhabit Venus or Mars. See their Intelligent Designer could never offer the Sand People equal status. By George he couldn't even conceive of creating them so what chance would they have? No more than a snowball’s chance in Hatie’s I'm sure. Ummm, Snow Ball people, I wonder? But one thing is for sure, they wouldn't evolve and thereby bolster the Intelligent Designer theory and send the evolutionist running for cover.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Did you know that there are tours to the mountains of Rwanda to view the Gorillas in the Mist? Certain people pay thousands of dollars to hike up a mountain to view these powerful primates indigenous only to Africa.

But I’m lucky. I don’t have to travel to Rwanda to see a Gorilla in its “natural” state. I can view a gorilla any time I want in the Valley of the Sun as long as it's basketball season. A gorilla that’s just as big and blacker than any in Africa. Yep, sure can. All I need to do is attend a Phoenix Suns basketball game. There it is, the symbol of the most physical intimidating primate on the globe, the Gorilla. The Great Ape is the premiere symbol of black Africa and an accepted symbol of pure brute strength. It's also the mascot of the Phoenix Suns basketball team. But let me jump ahead for a moment to remember something I read about the development of more powerful bullets. It was said that these bullets were necessary because the conventional projectile at the time wasn’t powerful enough to stop an enraged black man on drugs. Today, I suppose these weapons are needed to stop someone like a "physically powerful" Rodney King or any black man on enhancement drugs, that is if he's not Barry Bonds. Of course this is only one historical stereotypical idea of the black man having the strength of a gorilla. But enough of this, I digress.

When I turn on the T.V. and watch the NBA Phoenix Suns run up and down the court, my attention focuses on those black men whose ancestry was the home of the gorilla, the African American. I pay close attention to how the white players are far removed from the image of their NBA team mascot. For example,who would even accuse a Steve Nash or Tom Chambers of being a black Africa? Plus they certainly don't conjure up images of any association with a powerful black gorilla. Also If you ever really listened to the white announcers, they will tell you that Nash and the other white players are more “heady” than physically dominate. They don’t do 360 degree through your legs behind your head slam dunks and pound their chest when they show their proficiency of the game.

So the onus of this gorilla mascot being the symbol of the stereotypical powerful brute, the black man, is obvious to me. What is not obvious is the connection between a gorilla and a basketball team in Arizona. It's also interesting that this symbol belongs to a basketball team that represents a state that was a confederate territory, has never signed the ERA and was the last state in the Nation to ratify the Martin Luther King holiday. It also doesn’t escape me that NBA black players comprise about 80% of the league. So this symbol can also become universal to a lot of teams who employ men whose ancestry is the home of the “mighty” gorilla.

I must admit that there’s something comforting in knowing that the Phoenix Suns chose this mascot. It is a comforting reminder that if you are black, you can’t be comfortable, no matter the rhetoric. It is also comforting to know that I can save thousands of dollars because I don’t have to travel to the mountains of Rwanda to see the gorillas, but I may have to if I wanted to see the mist.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Several years ago I dated this European woman. I liked her because she was different and the quintessential European. As an example, I would have my desk cluttered with papers and this would drive her crazy. So much so that she would file every paper when my back was turned. I told her that I didn't need that because I knew where everything was and in my mind everything had its proper place. There was no chaos in my view.

At the time I had no idea her actions were the result of not seeing the world as I did. I thought she was, as we call them, a neat freak. However, as I became more "enlightened" by studying European thought and behavior, I found that this wasn't necessarily so. I was mistaken because I didn't understand the influence of being "raised"in a culture and picking up the ideas and values of that culture.

If you've ever studied Greek mythology, I'm sure you've come across their Creation myth. I can imagine elders of the Doric tribe sitting by the fire building on their ideas of creation giving it a flavor that fits their cultural spirit. First in the myth was chaos and the gods continuing struggle to bring order to their world. The strife begins with the castration of father Uranus, (heaven) by his son Cronos. Later Cronos was overthrown by his son, Zeus. One of the gods, Prometheus, deserted the other Titans to side with Zeus. After warring with the Titans and Zeus was victorious, he allowed Prometheus to create Man out of mud and Athena to breath life into the clay creation. Prometheus loved Man more than the gods and to preserve Man's place tricked Zeus. Zeus became angry and punished both Man and Prometheus. He punished Man by having the first woman created, Pandora, who had a deceptive heart and lying tongue (poor Eve). Pandora was given a jar by Zeus and was told not to open it. She disobeyed and out came all the plagues of man, suffering, evil, sorrow, misfortune, but at the bottom of the jar there was one good thing, "hope"(faith). Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains where he was tormented day and night.

Although this story was derived from another culture's creation myth which showed the opposite, from order came chaos, this one is unique because it lays the foundation of what is happening today in the Western world. In the United States there are people who view the world in chaos. Typical of their ancient creation myths, there must be war to end strife and bring order to the world. In fact, if you look at the history of the West, you'll see Zeus' pattern of fighting or warring to bring order. (Or more poignantly, a different way of seeing the world, similar to my experience with my aforementioned girlfriend). A look at the history of Western cultures, the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Spanish, English, French, Italians, Germans, and now the United States all acted out the myth. They felt they were ordained by Zeus, or whatever the god of the day, to shape the world into their idea of order. They had a mandate to finally defeat chaos and bring democracy and/or freedom (order) by making the world "safe" albeit using bigger swords, cannons, and bombs.

This idea of bringing order to chaos can also affect a society. Those followers of the ancient myth can use Zeusian or godly beliefs to oppress a society that they feel is in chaos, like achieving an Orwellian 1984, instead of using bombs, they use the thought police. Those of us who understand that you can't bring order through violence, only more chaos, are silenced. But what can you do when those who developed the major weapons and resources for the purpose of "righting" the world, can't see it any other way? Their world view from ancient times can't be wrong.

The only solution I can see is that those people who believe in the ancient myth, take a long hard look at their behavior. For those who can understand what this essay is saying, I would suggest they use their resources to let chaos exist for those culture's that can function in what the West sees as chaos. I hope they will understand that you don't need to own the resources of the world so you can be more powerful to change the world in your image.

This is not an impossible task, but it will take a dramatic departure from what Greek mythology has taught the people of "Western" cultures. For those who can make the transition, I say let those that can't stay on "Mount Olympus" and dictate the affairs of those who still believe in war as a solution to force their ideas of order on the world. For the rest of us, I say we should get started with the business of humanity. We should use the many resources we have to do business with each other and the rest of the world. There are many in the world who understands that the road we are on is insanity and will gladly do business with corporations and individuals outside of those on Mount Olympus. People who want to trade goods, services and ideas. People whose chaos is their own and don't wish to impose their idea of order. By the way, my lady-friend finally got the idea and let my chaos be.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I woke up this morning in my 6X13 room still hell bent on leaving this hypocritical country. I can't speak for others, but I really get so very tired of the lies and deceit. I suppose so many folks are able to cope because they just ignore them and for a minute or two they go away.

I have often said that a percentage of the white American populace to date, has always protect its perceived self interest over any moral issues pertaining to non-whites and the poor. The most popular method of accomplishing this and still think one is "fair," is to support a system that is upheld as "legitimate" and dilute yourself into believing it. For example, IF the democratic process functions as it should, then voting is a workable methodology. Majority rules! I've researched the past Presidential appointments to the Supreme Court from 1953 to 2001. Democrats have made six (6) appointments and the Republicans fifteen (15). ( After J.F. Kennedy only four appointments and of those only two remain) It appears that in the years when these "Justices" are likely to leave the Court, the populace votes Republican. I would imagine an example of why would be the 2000 election.

In the next four years there maybe at least three new appointments, maybe four to the Court. The historic trend continues with the sitting president, G.W. Bush, a Republican, having the chance to appoint justices more favorable to his agenda and those who support him by manipulating the laws of the land "legitimately" in the favor of the elite corporate-complex and the religious "right."

If you noticed the "if" in the second paragraph is capitalized and underlined. It boggles the mind to think that such a disparity in appointments is just by chance or coincidence and the pubic will vote a particular party into office each and every year since 1953 that has the opportunity to control the Court. We have long suspected that this country is controlled by money and not ideals. The Republican party represents money. The law represents methods of manipulating and channeling money. It would make sense that the Court must stay in the hands of the money interest. It would therefore follow that voting must not be left to chance and the fifteen to six ratio I think makes a good case for no chances.

I don't know for sure the future of the United States, but I do know that if this trend isn't curbed, the country will implode. It will implode because of the disparity in wealth, the shrinking resources, the global position of the United States and the desire to impose a hypocritical moral value on the population.
But historically, no one listens and G.W. will make his appointments as planned and I will continue to try to find a reasonable way out of here.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


As I grow older, I can reflect on social and technological developments over a span of some 50 plus years. I remember no matter my income; I was restricted to my community. I remember big tube radios, the Lone Ranger, Inner Sanctum, and Jack Benny. I remember the first commercial jet airliner. I remember when color T.V. came to market. I remember the first transistor radio and Texas Instrument’s first hand held calculator. I remember Vietnam and the “Summer of Love.” I remember Malcolm, Kuame, Dr. King, and Ali. I also remember when the prisons were 20% Black and 80% White. I remember when drugs were an abomination in my community. I remember when guns were all but non-existent. Now I see a systematic and calculated reversal in the Black community. One so slick that it has the victims blaming the victims, the victims killing the victims, and the victims believing they are victims because they can’t do any better.

This almost complete reversal of social attitudes and conditions in the Black community has taken place right under my nose just like all the other “remembrances.” Except now these conditions were culminating into devastating results for Black people. For example, “According to Todd Clear, the negative labor market effects of mass incarceration on black communities are probably minor "compared to the economic relocation of resources" from Black to white communities that mass incarceration entails. As Clear explains in cool and candid terms, "Each prisoner represents an economic asset that has been removed from that community and placed elsewhere. As an economic being, the person would spend money at or near his or her area of residence-typically, an inner city. Imprisonment displaces that economic activity: Instead of buying snacks in a local deli, the prisoner makes those purchases in a prison commissary. The removal may represent a loss of economic value to the home community, but it is a boon to the prison community. Each prisoner represents as much as $25,000 in income for the community in which the prison is located, not to mention the value of constructing the prison facility in the first place. This can be a massive transfer of value: A young male worth a few thousand dollars of support to children and local purchases is transformed into a $25,000 financial asset to a rural prison community. The economy of the rural community is artificially amplified, the local city economy artificially deflated."

Looking back before I helped to integrate my high school, I wonder how we Blacks would have faired if we didn’t accept integration. From my perspective integration only forced competition among the ex-enslaved Blacks while whites knew full well there was only room for a very limited number of those ex-enslaved. Those few allowed in the house because their "attitudes" were politically correct, received the positons assigned to them. However, I wonder if left alone could we have built our own communities comparable to other ethnic groups in this country. I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t forgotten that we were then, as now, Black bodies for America’s economic and political aspirations. I wonder if it’s too late for our young men and women to realize, or even want to realize, that they should use their skills to help develop Africa. If so I'm convinced their reflections, although prehaps more technologically sophisticated, will never allow them to stand witness to what I’ve seen. Perhaps in Africa they can fulfill our deferred promise of America and build those communities without having to look over their shoulders for integration or incarceration schemes.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


“WASHINGTON - Religious groups participating in federal job-training programs could hire employees based on their religious beliefs under a jobs bill that narrowly passed the House Wednesday.”-Associated Press

Americans must make up their minds, if they haven’t already. Do they want a country that is having its resources consolidated into the hands of a wealthy few and then leaving the shrinking middle class and habitually poor in the hands of “faith-based” organizations? Are they creating a religious welfare state, one that has concepts of knowing what is and how to be the “good” to those growing numbers of angry citizens that lack jobs and resources? Are they creating a state that is religiously chic? One that dictates, if you are not in the “fold,” you are out in the cold.

Historically government has not been the friend of people of color in the United States. We all know how the First Peoples’ no longer have any choice land or real sovereignty. (Blacks know about such historical decisions as The Three Fifths Clause, Dred Scott, Plessy and Bakke.) But most importantly they don’t have real religious freedom. The Native American Rights Fund states, "Even today, the freedom of Native Americans to practice their traditional religions continues to be questioned in the courts and discounted in federal legislation. In the past few decades, issues such as access to religious sites, the use of peyote in religious ceremonies, the process of obtaining eagle feathers for religious uses, and Native American prisoners’ access to religious articles and practitioners have all raised questions about the U.S. government’s true commitment to protecting religious freedom for all people in the U.S., including Native Americans.”

Isn’t it interesting that Black Americans are in many ways the most religious (Overwhelming Christian) people in America? Some 82 percent of blacks (versus 67 percent of whites) are church members; 82 percent of blacks (versus 55 percent of whites) say that religion is "very important in their life"; and 86 percent of blacks (versus 60 percent of whites) believe that religion "can answer all or most of today’s problems." (John J. Dilulio Director, White House Faith Based Community Programs).

On the contrary, statistics taken from the Sentencing Project show that the rate of imprisonment for black men (those who go to prison are probably the least educated, poorest, and the less likely to consistantly participate in religious rituals or european cultural values) in 1996 was 8.5 times that of white men: black men were confined in prison at a rate of 3,098 per 100,000 compared to a white rate of 370. Even more strikingly, in the past ten years the black men’s rate increased ten times the white men’s increase. (However almost all will likely admit to being a Christian before incarceration)

From my perspective, why not just cut to the chase and say if you are different then us "faith based moral people,", you can’t make it here. If you aren’t what the Christian leadership thinks is a good Christian, a "like white" Christian, a "moral" person in their eyes, then you either land in jail or probably not have you or your ancestor's religion protected or respected. Forget about finding gainful employment, after all, most non-corporate community jobs will be controlled by faith based community projects and go to the "believers" while high level corporate jobs, being highly competitive, going to those who have the “right” education and eventually, the right religious beliefs too.

I am thrown back to Nazi Germany. If you weren’t on the same page as the Nazi’s and didn't share Nazi values, you were rounded up and eventually isolated and discriminated against. As Representative Bobby Scott, D-Virginia., said, The provision would "shift the weight of the federal government from supporting the victim of discrimination to supporting some so-called right to discriminate with federal funds. That is a profound change in civil rights protection."

“If you aren’t with us, you’re against us”- George W. Bush.

I sincerely hope the Senate doesn't let this country slip any further into darkness.