Monday, November 05, 2007

Now that you have the world, What....

Often you hear from those in power that the world is unsafe. Let me be the first to tell you, they are correct. But how did it get that way? How did the “human” species evolve from taking care of their own clan to telling groups of people called countries which weapons they can have to defend themselves and which ones they can’t? Who elected those dictator countries Chief? That’s the point of this essay. No one, they took the role using violence and deceit and that’s why the world is not safe. It comes down to those who live on this planet with white skin have a tremendous cultural ego. They think they are the smartest, the bravest, and the one chosen by “god” to rule. If that weren’t true, then they surmise, they wouldn’t be in the position they are presently enjoying.

However that summation is woefully inaccurate. The bravest, hardly when they take undue advantage of the weakest people on the planet and can only adhere to the demands of those who truly where brave enough to acquire weapons without their permission. The smartest folk, hardly. After years of starting wars, deceit, and manipulation to acquire the resources for institutions to change the color of knowledge, they brought into their own propaganda of being the creator of all things good. That doesn’t make them the smartest, it makes them the most violent, the winners at making war on people with less weaponry, and as my one half of my ancestors said, speaking with folk tongue. As far as being chosen by god, I suppose if you create god, I’m sure he’ll chose you to lead. See during one to those “campaigns” of conquest, they took the African idea of “god” being Nature and made it human and of course, in their own cultural image.

Do you remember the song, “Now that you have love, what are you gonna do with it?” I ask the white skinned and their pretenders, now that you have pretty much acquired world domination, what are you gonna do with it? If history is the answer, more clandestine adventures against people of color, more deceit, and more expansion, politically, culturally, and economically because that’s all they know or care to know. After all, they think they are the smartest, the bravest, and the ones chosen by god and it’s not their fault that the world is unsafe; they are here to save it.

Friday, October 19, 2007


You know what I’m beginning to think? I’m beginning to think that when Black women get hired for middle management jobs, they have a clandestine job description and that is to oversee the control of black men in the white man’s socio-economic world. I think this has profound implications on Black male-female relations and also reveals a pathological history steeped in white supremacy, and as someone coined, Post Traumatic Slave Syndromes. I’m careful to note that this is not all black women, it is usually the ones who are very ambitious, mid 30-mid 40’s, southern, Christian, fatherless, and overweight and if they are with a man he’s either white or a weak black man.

My African centered female friend took offense to my assessment by injecting the role of Black men in the employment scenario, so I’ll imagine what the other Black women will think of this “critique.” It should be noted that this critique is focused just on Black women in low to middle management positions in Euro-companies. Although there are many concomitant issues regarding Black men, that’s not my focus for this essay. I write this because I think it’s an important topic in our community, if proved correct. Black women are the culture bearers of what’s left of the African culture in America. And if my assessment is at all correct, think of the implications for the Black community at large, let alone young Black men, their sons.

Finally, if my critique is correct, what can we do, if anything, to correct this abnormality? As the Black condition stands in America today, I say nothing. How can Black women, who are absent Black men because of white supremacy’s impact on their social economic condition, take care of the children without working? How can they keep a job if they don’t do what’s expected of them, i.e.: Gatekeepers?

I think this is another reason for Reparations. I don’t think Euro culture can change in time to allow Black culture to proliferate in its natural state. By that I mean to allow Black people to first find then subscribe to their African culture essence, which is in many cases, the antithesis to Euro culture thought and behavior. Europeans will develop such cognitive dissonance, uneasiness and paranoia that they will attack. Our only chance is to live where the African cultural essence is no threat even though neo colonialism may exist. Again this is not written to be divisive, but to bring to the forefront a problem if it exists at all. If not, then this is just another doom and gloom essay.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Bush, Texas at odds over death case

By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 52 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - To put it bluntly, Texas wants President Bush to get out of the way of the state's plan to execute a Mexican for the brutal killing of two teenage girls.
Bush, who presided over 152 executions as governor of Texas, wants to halt the execution of Jose Ernesto Medellin in what has become a confusing test of presidential power that the Supreme Court, which hears the case this week, ultimately will sort out

Governor Bush doesn’t have the same advisors as President Bush. What do I mean by that? When I write that racism had to end in the United States, not because of some benevolent ideas about equal justice for its citizens of color but because internationally, racism had to end if America was to expand its commercial enterprises. How could the U.S. do business with countries that have the resources, which are people of color countries, and still preach “democracy” when there were none for certain sections of its own citizenry? Overt racism’s demise was politically expedient.

As governor, George Bush didn’t have to deal on the international stage. As president he does. His wealthy contributors and advisor elite need NAFTA and eventually “dollarization” to maintain its current economic supremacy. It can’t do that if Mexico’s “sovereignty” is ignored. Mexico must feel that it has some rights over its citizens and without it, the people may perceive themselves as a colony of the U.S.

Therefore, like racism before it, the U.S. government, along with the controlling power elite, must again pretend that they care about people of color. What’s so sad is that people of color will believe it.

Voice in the Wind

Sometimes I feel so alone. One voice, with few echoes in a world that’s so far doesn’t look promising. One voice that constantly preaches caution against European cultural aggression. One voice that is silenced against the volume of media, materialism, and cultural mayhem. Yesterday I spoke with a young person in a coffee shop. He and I agreed that a successful revolution is theoretically improbable in the U.S. He thinks this because his idea of revolution is violent and people will not participate in mass until things have deteriorated where they have no choice or no more stake.

I believe he’s correct, but I also think any revolution will not be possible because those who have the most to lose, the cultural elite, are too fluid. In the past, the cultural elite were confined by time and space. Today, with the advent of computers and financial liquidity, those restraints are all but lifted. If America falls apart, they can move their holdings to a place like Australia. They can live in the relative safety of anonymity in some exclusive European enclave or stay on the move for that matter. Therefore, any physical revolution will only succeed in the death and destruction of the masses, while the elite will allow it to happen, in fact, encourage it because it will continue the illusion that this type of revolution can change the power dynamics.

Further I believe that there was only one true revolution in human history. That revolution took place, and is still taking place, as a gradual process of ideological shift. In plain and simple language it is the changing of the ideological guard from an African to a European cultural world view. I believe to this point in history the reason why this revolution was not as obvious or as deteriorating as it is today is because parts of both world views could co-exist to some extent. But now that the European cultural world view is at it crescendo, it becomes painfully obvious of how it has brought chaos and human nature’s destructiveness into play specifically his greed and need for power and control.

As a note, I’m not saying the African world view is perfect. I don’t have that kind of insight. I’m sure there are aspects that are not conducive for the growth and development of the human spirit, but since it is spiritually based, I think it’s better than what we have. I think with this base, parts of the European cultural idea would present a better solution for the planet. However the cultural elite, which depends on monotheism to keep the masses away from spirituality, rules the day.

So I think any true revolution will have to be ideologically spiritually based. One the cultural elite can’t escape no matter how fluid or autonomous. The masses must not pick up a gun, but an idea. The masses should embrace an idea that we can all live and share the planet in our differences and our sameness because of our connectedness to Nature. But first we must alter the prevailing European cultural idea to fit the needs of the world, a tall order in light of China’s material revolution and Bush’s visit to Australia.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Freedom American Style

Each day I hear on some media outlet how America is fighting for its freedom. Riding in my truck this morning I had the opportunity to think about our freedom and what it means to me. I thought that yes, I’m free. I’m free to be exploited by people whose world view is predominated by the need for power and control. Freedom in the true sense of the word is impossible under this system. How can I be free when theoretically I even pay for the air I breathe? Every waking moment is spent on some form of making or spending money to live and to live I must breath. So how free am I?

During my mental sojourn in my car this morning I also came by a sign that had three Christian crosses and under it the caption read, “Get Connected.” After having my thoughts about freedom, to read this just added more mental stress. Get connected to what, to some sky god? How will that help me live, be free? Hell if I did go to some church, I’d have to pay for that too. But even more troubling is that instead of getting connected, religion pulled the plug. Freedom mean choice and religion only gives you one reasonable choice. Believe in what they believe or be unreasonable and go to hell. What kind of freedom is that and can you believe people grew up with this stuff?

So what’s the answer? The only one I could come up with given my limited intelligence is that we gotta tell those folks who live to make money to fuck off. We gotta turn off the television, ignore the commercials, stop idolizing corporate America and instead learn how to talk to our friends and family. We gotta stop giving in to our mammalian brain and develop our cortex. We gotta stop being lead by the insecure towards or lower animal self. But man what a tall order. It’s much, much easier to absorb pleasure than to struggle with reflection.

So as I drive along in my almost new truck, I suppose I must stop being reflective and just enjoy the moment. Maybe if I stop thinking about shit like this and look at some pretty young girl in a halter top I’d be more normal and freer. At least that’s how the theory goes…

Friday, September 21, 2007


Black folks are the march’in-ness mofos on the planet. Hell we started march'in in the 1920’s with the first March on Movements. Then in the 1930’s to the 1940’s A. Phillip Randolph got white folks all rallied up when he threaten to have 100,000 Negros March on Washington which finally happened in 63 with Martin Luther King and the March on Washington. Then we had the March to Selma in 65, we marched right on to the Million Man March in 95, and we’ve been march'in ever since. Between the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton alone, Black folks have worn out some serious shoe leather and that would include Sharpton's 07 March for decent rap lyrics.

Are we tired yet?

When I watched those young folks march'in in Jena I just couldn’t take it any more. What the hell is wrong with black folk, nine fuckin decades of march'in? Is that all we can think of doing, jump’in behind some Reverend to march for some "injustice" in a system that built to be unjust? Is march'in a reaction to black cognitive dissonance or a weekday substitute for Sunday communal worship? What the fuck?

Does anyone else find this march’in business absurd or even obscene?

Here’s one idea. Instead of march’in why don’t we concentrate on getting the hell outta here and leave Amerikkka to the new flavor, the Mexicans? Why don’t we concentrate on Reparations as one voice and take our expertise to a country that has a black government, even if it’s neo-colonial? There we may have some problems, but I don’t think they’ll try to socio-economic-politico lynch you because you are non white, or want to feel liberation. I believe that would take a lot of stress off our black behinds.

Again I ask, are we tired yet?

In this “new age Amerikka” except for time periods, can you tell me the fundamental similarities between the two events listed below

Scottsboro Boys

The case of the Scottsboro Boys arose in Scottsboro, Alabama during the 1930s, when nine black youths, ranging in age from sixteen to twenty, were accused of raping two white women, one of whom would later recant. The trials, in which the youths were convicted and sentenced to death by all-white juries despite the weak and contradictory testimonies of the witnesses, are regarded as one of the worst travesties of justice perpetrated against blacks in the post-Reconstruction South.
The case quickly became an international cause célèbre and the boys were represented by the American Communist Party's legal defense organization. The death sentences, originally scheduled to be carried out quickly, were postponed pending appeals that took the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the sentences were overturned. Despite the fact that one of the women later denied being raped, the retrials resulted in convictions. All of the defendants were eventually acquitted, paroled, or pardoned (besides one who escaped), some after serving years in prison.

Jena Six

Jena Six refers to a group of six black teenagers who have been arrested and charged with crimes related to their alleged involvement in the assault of a white teenager in Jena, Louisiana, on December 4, 2006. The incident is one of many racially charged events that have occurred in the town since the hanging of nooses on the "white tree" on the Jena High School campus. The nooses initially caused racial tempers to flare, as for many it recalled the history of lynching in the South, though some have come to believe that it was just a prank with no racist intent. Critics of how the case was handled, including civil rights activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have said that the arrests and subsequent charges were racially motivated.[1] Some residents of the town - both white and black - have expressed the view that the current problem is more the fault of outsiders using racial politics to influence the justice system. Additionally, U.S. Attorney Donald Washington has expressed the opinion that although discipline was mishandled by the school, he has found no reason to believe that there was unfair judicial action.[2]

Haven’t we figured it out yet? White supremacy will always affect us as long as we are here. Somewhere, somehow, this racial/cultural bullshit will find its way out of the sewer. See I think O.J. and Black America have a lot in common, both will be hounded to maintain their perceived inferiority until we are completely psychologically crushed.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


This will be one of my shortest blog entries. It has to do with my ranting about white supremacy, my aversion to religion, and my condemnation of Negros. Quite simply put, white folks will align with other white folks who they see as powerful for their perceived benefit whether they are racist or not. Religion is a lie that divides people form themselves and each other. Negros are Black folk main gatekeepers to our own cultural and self realization.

If ever there’s a group that can halt the mass extinction of ALL human consciousness and free thought from those who wish to destroy it for their socio-political-economic gain, it’s so called Black people because many of us are in essence not European and subjected to their particular cultural brainwashing. However we can never accomplish such leadership roles unless first we understand and separate ourselves from ideas and methods of white supremacy. Second, shed religious ideology so we can heal as a person and a people. Third, rid ourselves of our gatekeepers.

This is why I rant on and on about religion and xtianity in particular, because most Blacks are xtian and also about social ideas like materialism, individualism, and homosexuality, etc., because they support ideas of European cultural thought and behavior; which deter us from realizing our own cultural awareness which is needed to accomplish what I’ve already expressed above.

This is why I rant and it appears to no avail because folks just don’t want to hear it and in view of their survival is not popular. However I’m older and it appears I’ll not hear the echoes of my voice from the grave.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Homo politicus: brain function of liberals, conservatives differs

by Marlowe Hood Sun Sep 9, 1:33 PM ET

“PARIS (AFP) - The brain neurons of liberals and conservatives fire differently when confronted with tough choices, suggesting that some political divides may be hard-wired, according a study released Sunday.

Aristotle may have been more on the mark than he realized when he said that man is by nature a political animal.Dozens of previous studies have established a strong link between political persuasion and certain personality traits.Conservatives tend to crave order and structure in their lives, and are more consistent in the way they make decisions. Liberals, by contrast, show a higher tolerance for ambiguity and complexity, and adapt more easily to unexpected circumstances.

The affinity between political views and "cognitive style" has also been shown to be heritable, handed down from parents to children, said the study, published in the British journal Nature Neuroscience.”

Interesting, but how does this affect African people? For example in African societies (before islam and christianity), decisions were people based, meaning that decisions were made for the good of the person instead of the European’s view of a “political cognitive style." It made no difference whether one had more tolerance for ambiguity and complexity, and could adapt more easily to unexpected circumstances or crave order and structure. In African cultures, decisions were not seen as part of art, science, or style.

However I would agree it is “human nature” to desire order and structure but not crave it. But the question remains what does order and structure look like for us? Is it a group of people called a government that engages in “political intrigue” for their own (which is often their so called state) interest or as in African societies, which try to accomplish fairness based on subjective (spiritual) justice and the individual's interest that also leads to the cohesiveness of the group and promotion of the social order?

When we read articles like the one above, we must be very careful not to offend our ancestral memory because that can very well cause us more cognitive dissidence. Such dissidence could further promote white supremacy by having us believe that this thinking and behavior is universal, therefore, no other thinking or behavior is valid, or even exists for that matter, unless it’s akin to Aristotle’s view. Unfortunately even the view that’s deep in your African soul, which can’t escape the education and media control, is subjected to living in European America and is considered invalid.

Question: What good is a Black political president for Black people? (or a better country for that matter?)


I like to take this time to expand on the idea of one Marcus Mosiah Garvey. First, I truly believe that the descendants of Africans in America are a key to the survival of African culture everywhere. However we must first understand what role we must play in this cultural drama.

When we look around we should realize that every other cultural-being has some historical geographical ancestral root someplace on the planet except African (Black) Americans. Our historical geographical ancestral root is recognized by many of us as being in the soil of the American south. But “historically” the America south belongs to the so called “Indians” and later, after conquest, the European. We’ve never be able to claim this land as an African or Black land and god forbide we claim Africa. Therefore, we have no place. (In my estimation too many of us don’t care or see the importance of place in our cultural lives, and other Blacks don’t understand the European cultural mind set about sharing ever with their own, never mind non-white skinned people.)

In my estimation the reason we don’t have “place” is because of enslavement. I’m sure some people can argue that on some level, but come on now, look around. I’m equally sure some can argue that the European didn’t destroy or change (a process that continues today) into its own image ever culture it contacted, but again, look around.

I think for the sake of the European cultural health and well being, as well as their cultural karma, they should seriously start rectifying their negative historical impact on people of color; in this case Africans. One way is to pay Reparations for the descendants of Africans enslaved in America.

I also think for the sake of African culture everywhere and for the health and well being of African peoples, they should take Reparations, or money owed, and those of deep African consciousness, should build a viable society elsewhere without the interference of the European. (If they can, for once in their cultural lives, stop fluckin with folks covertly or overtly) Those who don’t want to leave, stay.

I think this is not unreasonable. For example, I researched my own family background and found out that even after Blacks were freed, they still where subjected to neo-enslavement. For example in Virginia free blacks needed to register, watched closely, and at any time could (and did) be forcibly removed from a county if a white saw them as “unfit.” They were charged with crimes and many found innocent, but still had to enter into a type of servitude to pay court and other cost. Don't get me started on the enslaved. So it’s not unreasonable for white society to compensate a group, free or enslaved, crippled for 200 plus years in a myriad of ways by that very white society, to act, not in their self interest, and do the right thing for once.

Times have changed, but not so much people. It's time people change too. Marcus Mosiah Garvey still lives.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I’m at it again, thinking too damn much about ridiculous stuff. One of the things that puzzle me today is what do Black women want? Do they want a Black phenotype for a man? Do they want a *Negro for a man? What do they want?

Do they want a Black man that gives up his own spiritual and sometimes physical self to maintain a credit score or his own ego? Do they want a rebellious "thug" that strikes a blow for what he believes is his freedom and independence (expressing his male patriarchal self) while in too many cases destroys his own community and self? Do they want a Black man that is afraid of how the White man can shut down his resources therefore will submit to degenerate behavior? Do they want a Black tricksters like a Don King, the slick talking "studs," the (in)famous Reverends, Obama, etc. all who pretend they have things under control but have really struck a clandestine deal with white folk both in real time and/or through cultural indoctrination? What do they want? Do black women ever ask, what is a Black man in America?

I believe if Black women want a real Black man, Black mothers should tell their Black boys (and girls) that they “love Black men” as a whole. Black men, who survived the homosexual onslaught (whites trying to make them feel powerless as men) and are of clear conscious, should teach Black boys that to experience their “feminine” nature in youth is just that, NATURE, and patriarchal dominance is unnatural. It doesn’t mean they are feminine and they don't have to act like a "girl" if they don't feel like an alpha male.

Seriously, in the face of our history and exposure to white cultural supremacy, I don’t know what Black women want or expect. I don’t know what we, as Black men, can give(except sex) that would act to satisfy them given the standards set by free white men. Then again, we must remember that Black women have been exposed to white supremacy too and what they want may be seen from an altered cultural state of mind and they don't really want what's left of the black man in America..but for many, that's all they have. Well that's not entirely true, they can always fall back on jesus...

hey maybe they want a black man like this..on his knees:

September 4, 2007

Vick attends church, works with young boys

The Associated Press
6:37 AM EDT, September 4, 2007
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CHESAPEAKE - Fallen NFL star Michael Vick is trying to show that he is making good on his assertion that he's turned his life over to God after pleading guilty to a federal dogfighting charge last week.

*A Negro is an African transformed by removal of his African essences into a black-white man after centuries of exposure to white supremacist systems and refuses to try to reconnect. This is also not unusual of Continental Africans exposed to colonialism.

**This essay is not complete. The topic is too got damn complex.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Modern Crusades

When I read about the war in Iraq and the general treatment of Muslim, I think I'm suppose to get the feeling that the fuel for the “War on Terror” is a rift between the Muslims and the Christians. This is not new, there have been many Crusades or rifts between the 11th and 14th centuries and all of them were fought to increase the wealth of the church and the king with a public undertone of religion.

So what makes these present day “Crusades” of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom any different? None really except the methodology of selling gives a loud public voice to the Christian right and today we have the creation of the State of Israel. These two things are instrumental today in helping disguise the age old battles for control of the world’s wealth by the old guard social and financial European elite.

Modern technology has further altered the perceptions of the modern Crusades. With the advent of television and instant communications that reach the remotest of areas in the world (the areas with the natural resources they want), the need for disguising the Crusades is even greater. The modern Crusades must never seem like a power grab for resources by the European and Euro-Americans, but appear to the world as a war of ideology, a religious conflict against “Radical Islam” and the forces of "Good."

But I ask you this. What if the Muslim ideology became the dominate cultural ideology in the world? That would mean more prayer and less television. That would mean less casual sex, violence and rock and roll and more conservative behavior which translates into less folks being in prisons resulting in no prison industrial complex. Also it would mean less drug money. It would mean less advertising dollars, less things to sell, fewer things to buy, and those who control the consumer markets would have to live on a fixed income. One quick example would be women’s dresses. The people who controlled the hijab and burqa markets would be the shit, the only game in town. Producing these two types of women's dress would require no marketing techniques, no advertising, no billboards, just basic black cotton with a scarf. Liquor and cigarette sales would be a felony. Western decadence would go off the shelves and those that make money selling cures for unhappiness, loneliness and insecurity would be out of work. And the key for keeping things that way is Muslim justice and it don’t play. Jail my loose a hand or worst!

Mind you I wouldn't want to live under the “Laws of Islam.” They are just as hypocritical as living in European culture, but for the European capitalist, Islam is more than a religious threat, it’s a threat to their pocketbooks and their lifestyle, their power and control and desire to organize the world in their image.

Understanding this tells me why the United States is in Iraq. It tells me why the U.S. supports Israel. It tells me a lot and more importantly it tells me that very little has to do with the idea of a Jesus or Muhammad which is why the masses support this nonsense. The need for power and control by the church and the kings is the force behind this Crusades and every one that marched to the so called “Middle East.”

Lastly, one of the things that finally got the "progressive liberals" on HuffPost piss off and me kicked off was my opposition to Mia Farrow's assessment of Darfur. It was the last anti-European cultural view straw for them. I suggested it's a religious conflict and the liberals didn't want to see it that way. They are hiding European cultural aggression as usual. The christian are proselytizing in an country that's run by an Arab government. The government armed the Janjaweed to stop the proselytizing and in doing so, struck out at non Arabs and Arabs that are sympathetic to Christians in the Darfur region. It's just an extension of the modern crusades.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ever since I can remember Black folks have either had or talked about having a leader. I suppose this tradition comes from the enslaved needing a particular spokesperson to champion their cause. But what about a white leader, a white leader that champions white causes? I’m sure that has not been a problem, white folks have elected their leader every four years. It’s called the presidential elections. I know most folks will say, how can that be when the president represents ALL the people? Well, when you look at things from an unclouded perspective, you’ll see that the president, no matter his political party, represents white folks and oversees the rest of us.

Enter Barack Obama. Here we have, what I believe, is the first really “serious” non white contender to be the voice of white folks. I believe a large number of liberal, progressive, and even some mild conservative whites can stomach Obama as the spokesperson for them. They see it as a win, win. They finally have a “safe” non white person who can champion their values because in part of his white mother and also it can finally, ostensibly, take the stench off of America’s past as having only white men as their leader. This will superficially play well in San Francisco and Baghdad.

Speaking of Baghdad, I spoke to a W.D. Mohammed Muslim the other day and he’s hot for Barack. He thinks that Obama will speak for him and his Muslim community. He told me Obama was their friend. To me that makes no sense what so ever. How does he think Obama can get elected if the majority of voters, who just happen to be white, think he’s a friend to the Muslims community, especially the Black Muslim community, hell what about the Khazar Jews and campaign contributions?

I don’t think Obama will be the spokesperson for the white folk or overseer for the rest of us. I don’t think the majority of white men (and women) can stomach getting up in the morning, turning on the T.V., and seeing their leader in blackface. It would be too uncomfortable and create a serious cognitive dissidence in their psyche of both the loss of white supremacy and should I laugh. Maybe in about 50 years when America has a more balanced electorate and fair voting machines, will there be a non-white white spokesperson. I don’t think Obama will make it this time. Even with his half European self, I’m sure he’s considered as just a more “polished” Rev. Jesse or Rev. Al., another hypocritical symbol of America’s non racist core.

White folks will have a new leader next year and we’ll have a new overseer, but he won’t be in blackface but more than likely wearing a skirt.

Monday, August 27, 2007


This was taken from a news article on Yahoo News:

"But in a step toward implementing the deal, U.S. and Iraqi officials announced that coalition forces would increase the number of detainees released during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins next month."

Why does the American press feel comfortable writing about this sort of thing? Is it because they know that liberal, conservative, or progressive europeans may not approve of the pretense and methods used for going into iraq, but they understand white supremacy and will do nothing about such cultural arrogance....

Dark skinned people fill the jails worldwide...

Here's another from Yahoo News talking about those who are satisfied with their jobs:

"The poll also showed an ethnic trend in job satisfaction, with more than half the white people polled saying they were very happy in their work, compared with 46 percent of Hispanics and 40 percent of African Americans."

OK but what's the size of the sample? Was it 40 percent of 25 African Americans polled compared to 10,000 white people polled?

Here they go hiding again in front of your eyes....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I feel that reparations are in order. Yes, I really do. The reason: white America has wasted my life. Yep, they did it, not me. When whites accuse me of wasting my own life and I should have some accountability for my behavior, they compare me to white folk. Well, the ballgame wasn’t the same for me and such accusations just relieve them of their culpability in my condition. See, you can’t compare apples to oranges and get answers only using apples will give you.

Since the inception of these United States, people who look like me have had to endure, not just economic manipulation at all levels, but also socio-psychological manipulation as well and all under the threat of physical damage, which includes the criminal justice system. Not one white person can make such a claim, not even Timothy McVey.

This is why they wasted my life. I had to spend a lifetime of walking around white people instead of using the time to better my life free of racial, cultural and social stress. In order to have some type of economic security, I spent a lifetime of psychological debasement making them comfortable with the ill mannered way they treated me.

Many white folks (and some blacks) say that I don’t deserve reparations because slavery was so long ago and neither the slave nor the massa lives today. Well from my vantage point and history can back me up, the massa just moved off the plantation and settled up north. From there they could better control the “free slaves” with discriminatory laws, racist policy, and a unified code of conduct, all used to waste my life while making them look benevolent to the world.

So I (and those who look like me) deserve reparations to repair the damage for their wasting my life. And since whites can’t exhume my ancestors to pay them for wasting their lives, me, as their heir, (and similar to whites inheriting land, equity, and comparative easily gained fortunes from their dead ancestors) should inherit the reparation payment for my ancestor’s misery. They should pay me so I could leave here and live out what’s left of my life in some relative comfort, free of making white folks comfortable and not waste my time dealing with their pathology and working on my own.

They should be tired; I sure as hell know I am.

Friday, July 27, 2007


"On March 6, 1857, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, of the United States Supreme Court, expressed an opinion whose remnants still foul the air of America today. He stated, “But the public history of every European nation displays it in a manner too plain to be mistaken. They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior race, and altogether unfit to associate with the white races, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect, and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit."-Internet article

Here Justice Taney exhibited the “soul” of the white man which hasn’t been questioned to this day. When he said, the history of EVERY European nation, he made no mistake in pointing out that America was a European nation. While the white abolitionist of the day seized upon the latter part of his comments regarding white men respecting the rights of blacks, they never questioned Taney’s assertion that America was a European nation. They didn’t because they were of European descent and it would follow that if you where not European, then you where by default not a full member of this nation and your full rights could be truncated in private.

Today, white “Americans” hide their association with America being a European nation because politically and economically it’s not good to make the inferior, feel inferior. They speak with cohesiveness, but act with white nationalism. The recent Supreme Court decisions regarding race and education speaks volumes to support this claim. Further the criminal justice system reflects iron plantations filled with black bodies. The cities are engaged in urban removal of “undesirable” blacks while being replaced with “refugees or hard working” immigrants. The bottom line is that people who come to America from their own nations are treated with more respect than the descendants of the enslaved. This is because the descendents of the enslaved had no nation in 1857 and no nation in 2007 to garner respect, except the European nation of Taney.

When blacks realize this undisputed fact, then perhaps we’ll see that reparations are in order and we should leave this European nation. Even if we settle in a “black” nation that is presently controlled by neo colonialist, we still wouldn’t have to deal with racial prejudice on the national level. We would have other issues, but the one that attacks your “place” in the world and by extension your sense of belonging, wouldn’t be one of them.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Many People Of Color fight racism and discrimination for years but I think they have very little will to not fight the foundation of their oppression or to delve deeper into what they have and haven’t internalized. This may be obvious to many, but I’d like to give examples of what I mean.

I’ve taken two different “ordinary” news articles that we read each day in the newspapers or watch on television.


Lot 403--Painting offered for song goes for bomb

By Jeremy Lovell Wed Jul 18, 1:22 PM ET
"It entered the auction as an 18th century painting by an unknown artist worth a few hundred pounds, but emerged as a suspected early work by Renaissance master Titian possibly worth several million."


Overseas Anglican Conservatives Strengthen U.S. Presence

NEW YORK -- "More conservative Anglican leaders from overseas are building up a presence in the United States to counter the liberal-leaning U.S. Episcopal Church on its home turf.

The Anglican Church of Uganda plans to appoint a former Episcopal priest as an assistant bishop to oversee its American congregations. The Rev. John Guernsey of Virginia will be consecrated Sept. 2 in Uganda, according to the Most. Rev. Henry Orombi, head of the Ugandan province. The date of his installation in the United States has not been released.

Separately, the Most Rev. Benjamin Nzimbi of the Anglican Church of Kenya plans an Aug. 30 consecration of Canon Bill Atwood to oversee breakaway U.S. parishes that have affiliated with the Kenyan church."

In my mind these two examples typify how People Of Color are inundated with racism and its progenitor, world wide white supremacy. From a black perspective, I’d ask myself questions when I read “news” article like these. As to the first article I’d ask, how many non European paintings are hailed as “masters?” Second, I’d ask, why such a high price when “beauty (art) is in the eye of the beholder” and these paintings don’t appeal to the ENTIRE world? And third, what gives Europeans the right to determine what is and is not a “master” work of art?

As to the second article, I’d ask, why do Africans need an “Anglican” god to propagate and what’s wrong with their ancestor’s gods? When they refer to “overseas” in the context of an English church, why do they point to Africa? What is the Anglican church doing in Uganda and why do the Ugandans accept an English church which is one from their “former” colonizers?

These examples have deep implications for People Of Color and especially People of African descent. In the larger context, they go to the heart of white world rule of non white people. When these types of notions are taken for granted and not challenged, it’s akin to non whites conceding their psychological independence to Europeans without a single shot being fired. Its Carter G. Woodson speaking from the grave, “The thought of the inferiority of the Negro is drilled into him in almost every class he enters and in almost every book he studies and when you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.”

I suppose these are also examples of why I speak so harshly of Black people. I am hurt and disappointed that they won’t even try to not think in the terms their oppressors give them. I’m not asking that they quit their jobs, kill whitey, or pick up a gun; I’m wondering why they won’t think ancestral African first. Why do they insist on embracing, like the Ugandans, a foreign god? Why don’t they openly challenge the notion that European art, or Education for that matter, (look at how many of us send our children to Euro dominated schools and Universities) is the “master” form to be emulated?

I suppose I’m writing this because I care and because if we don’t embrace ourselves, we are doomed as a People and as a culture; while never relieving the white man of his burden and staying mentally poor and oppressed.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Who are the real terrorist?

“In addition, the report disclosed government plans to build a new database to assess the risk posed by people identified as potential or suspected terrorists. The chairman of the Senate committee that oversees the Justice Department said the database was "ripe for abuse." –Associated Press

The white “ruling” class and their supporters have yet to realize they don’t sell insurance for karma. Wrong is wrong and no matter what their rhetoric, the universe knows the nature of all its children and this particular child has always felt that they where more powerful than Nature, above the laws. They felt it was only a matter of “time” before they would control the heavens and earth. But they forget, a few “pesky” details need to be acknowledged like, time is their own social construction and Nature doesn’t have such restraints. So which one will last longer, The White Ruling Class or Nature as the ozone depletes, the planet warms, and the water is being polluted?

The white ruling class and their supporters not only want to expand into and control the heavens and earth, which is the same mind set that transfers into our daily lives. They bomb, lock up, manipulate, lie to, kill, for control over other cultures, as well as their own citizens for their resources and labor. This is the same as trying to exert control over Nature with their spiritless technology. They use propaganda to justify their abuses while flipping the script to cover them up. One such flip is this government data base for terrorist. Given the number of Americans in prison, have no health care, their basic Constitutional rights eroded in the name of “national security,” domestic spying, Patriot Acts, job lost to corporate outsourcing, a government and Executive Branch that’s above Congress and the idea of “the people”, while robbing the National Treasury to pay for the greedy oil barons and corporate wars, begs the question, who are the real “terrorist?”

I wish folks would take off the propaganda blinders of “freedom and democracy” and take a look. The white ruling class and their supporters are doomed because they can’t control the one thing they should, the hypocrisy Nature put in their souls. They refuse to realize there’s no insurance policy for bad karma.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As a casual observer of politics in America, I don’t understand something. Recently both liberals and conservative disparage G.W. Bush. They call him names and wish he were gone. I saw that nasal throated blond Coulter wish that “nincompoop” gone.
She also said that both the democrats and the republicans are reaching across the aisle to show bi-partisanship. I’m confused. I thought people were upset with the whole GOP and not just their current leaders. I thought the country was upset because of the war and not just the politics of the war. I thought the country was trying to attain some sense of “righteousness” and denounce imperialism. It seems that again I put too much faith in white folk’s ability to live in the world and not own it.

Bottom line I think there is no way in hell, given the idea of the current congress regarding the great healing of “bi-partisanship” that the American public can support current capitalist interest and not support war, racism, imperialism and cultural aggression. The question in my mind then becomes, who is least affected by this support? I don’t think the answer will be the poor, the undereducated, the underemployed and those who are susceptible to racial/cultural discrimination. Those groups will be most affected by this new “bi-partisanship.” Those groups make up the majority of Americans. My second question would be, why do so many whites support the GOP? Here I can only speculate that the racial propaganda machine works well to appeal to the European’s sense of power for control, their sense of unity to maintain that power for control and I believe this is an unwritten code of support among all liberal-progressive, conservative-neo-con white folk.

I think if this is true, white politics can never include a substantial number of non-whites as power brokers even if they carry the banner of capitalist-imperialism. That would jeopardize the majority power base and then even white unity will be thrown into question. In other words, non whites have no real future in America. A few will always be incorporated or assimilated on a higher social economic level for propaganda purposes. However the majority will always be tow-the-line foot stools for a "white culture" that needs someone who is creative and smart to contribute mightily, for less money and no recognition, someone there to make whites feel superior.

Even with all these advantages and privileges for white folks, I still don’t understand the need and acceptance for “bipartisanship” as the current leaders in both parties steal the country from the majority of whites. I don’t understand how the Supreme Court can side with this administration on blatant Constitutional violations and the majority of white folks just let it happen. The only explanation I can conjure is that the "Third Reich" has found a new home and like the “good German people” of the 1930’s, the "good American people" are exercising their cultural aggression and political control is the venue to accomplish their goals. I really think Blacks need Reparations so we can leave and build elsewhere even if we chose a black country steeped in neo-colonialism and leave white folks politics to white folks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Who are the good?
those who decimated dark cultures
in the name of civilization?
those who took Native’s land
because they didn’t farm?
Or was it those who enslaved millions of Africans
in the name of jesus?
Just who are the good?
How about those who stole Hawaii,
killed Filipinos for profit
turned China into an opium den?
Stripped the poor from their banana lands
in Central America
Or spread killer democracy in Iraq
With shock and awe
Maybe it’s the one's who tout freedom
From the pulpit of white supremacy
the gun pointed at your head
but the Taliban still can’t be
the Taliban
Or Hamas a democracy
no matter how fuck up they are
Perhaps it’s those
who point fingers at the oppressed
For acting like the oppressed
after oppressing them
Yes, just who are the good?
Maybe the one's who must put the world
in some rational order, their order
Could the faces of the good
Be the faces of deceit?
living high on the hog
Where ever they want
making better bombs and
taller walls
So good they can define
good at will and
for them there’s no
evil unless they say so...
and they have historically said
to this day evil is dark

If Hillary wins the nomination for President, I think she would be smart to ask Obama if he’d play brides maid. It would be a smart move because it would almost guarantee she would at least survive her first term in office. Since the Vice President is only a heart beat away from the top job, she’s safe. These white folks may play around and elect a white woman, after all she’s the mother of white men, and in many cases shares and gives them their “values,” but a black man, even if he does have a white mother and is a negro to boot, is still too risky in the minds of “true Americans.” When I think about it, living in America is a serious joke. I believe the majority of people who are raised here on “good old American values,” both white and non white, are lacking. The white ones haven’t fully realized that the maintenance of white supremacist systems will eventually choke the hell out of them, and the non whites haven’t fully realized that they are victims’ of white supremacy on all levels and themselves help maintain it, leading to their own oppression.

So here we have it, Hillary and Obama running for President, American democracy in action. A white woman and a black man both trapped in a European cultural idea. Both Candidates laboring under the standard universal concepts that structured the world for European cultural dominance, ideas of power and progress (which demeans non Europeans because they are assured by the European cultural/military army to have neither) that leads to cultural imperialism. Ideas that the world must be put in some “rational order” (which pretty much negates spirituality and harmony) whether they do it under one true god doctrine or the one true democracy rhetoric it makes no difference. It also makes no difference the color of the skin or gender that leads the army.

I hope one can see why I see this as a serious joke because when you come right down to it, it doesn’t matter which one wins. It could even be a white male republican. All that really matters is that the conservative television propaganda machine and the liberal internet keep the “good old American values” good and real for them. And Obama, if elected, has the possibility of being shot, everything is still “normal.” Hooray for Hillary.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I was watching this internet video about the Creation Museum in Kentucky and two things struck me as odd. The first was the depiction of a white Adam and Eve, but that's not unusual for the dominate culture to portray their creation progenitor in their own image even though the story took place in a tropical environment. It's also not odd to have the colonized mind either accept it or not question the validity of their premise. But number two really got me. That's when the commenter said something to the effect that, without god, man would have no reason not to kill even though he may be moral. From my point of view, this statement could only come from a religious mind or an unenlightened one and really brought home why the European cultural idea is most destructive.

Spiritually, I believe man should naturally want to achieve what is considered “good,” it's that often ignored little voice that Nature put inside of us all. I believe it would make sense that the concept of good would be that which perpetuates the species and not destroy it. If man did destroy "the good" then he'd have to admit to himself he was insane and this is what the guy at the museum couldn't comprehend. He rationalized man needed god. With this in mind, the appositional concept of the bad is also necessary for man to understand what is good and to naturally try to keep his world in balance between the two. This is where the religious or unenlightened mind fails. The religious or unenlightened mind allows for the bad or evil to subjugate the good so far out of balance it destroys life. It allows it because god becomes the good and not man and as long as religion pushes this idea that man has no reason to control his ability to destroy, evil will dominate.

The European concept could not (or didn’t want to) understand that man is a spiritual being. That he was born with the capacity for both good and bad. However his spiritual quest, his spiritual soul, since he is part and parcel of nature, is to achieve the good which is, as I stated, to perpetuate the species and not destroy those things that help do it. If European culture promoted this idea, many of the systems, as we know them, would not exist. Capitalism would not exist because it’s destructive of Nature and the environment. Individualism would not exist because it’s destructive of community. Racism would not exist because it’s destructive of society. Religion would not exist because it’s destructive of man’s innate spirituality (voice)and let's not forget the sacred cow Democracy which is really a mechanism for oligarchy control and destroys freedom. If the European’s cultural idea hadn't prevailed, these concepts would be rejected out of hand.

So I do wonder about that person in the Museum, Europeans and Christians to boot. I wonder if they are really good people, are able to hear and heed the natural inner voice of man, or do they need god to be their good because their Nature or Natural Soul is too corrupted? Finally, all of this makes those who subscribe to the European cultural idea unaccountable, except to something celestrial of which we really have no empirical evidence of its existence. It also makes them accountable to just themselves. What a wonderful world, you can be religious and be forgiven for murder and live unburdened. However human spirituality is rejected because then, if you murder, there's no escaping the ultimate punishment, living with your conscious mind telling you that you are insane and not a normal human because then you understand!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Jesse’s at it again. This time he’s fighting for inclusion of Africans on the MLK memorial. I think this is a good fight, and I can’t speak for Jesse, but I’m tired. Hell, I want to fight for the Democratic nomination. I want to fight for no more U.S. imperialism. I want to fight to squash NAFTA and to save the planet, or I want to have the freedom to be secure in not fighting for anything, just knowing my basic interest will always be protected over other cultures. I want these things to be my focus like those of the “privilege” class. I’m tired of fighting for the “rights” of Africans to participate in the society. I’m tired of fighting systematic white supremacy that underhandedly kills our community and progeny. These battles surely help kill my spirit and I’m sure those of other Africans by creating a repudiation of things white.

Far too many blacks choose to ignore, embrace or “act dumb” towards the culture of white supremacy rather than fight it by recognizing and then casting off foreign ideologies that are harmful to African unity. Their only “sane” choice (which is recommended by white supremacist systems) is to be one of the three big “O’s”, Obama, Oprah or Oreo. Wait! There’s another choice and that’s to be like Tyler Perry and dress for success, as a black female of course, and we KNOW, there’s no fight in him unless it’s towards me.

Until I’ve achieved parity in America where I can fight for “white” causes without having to be distracted by those pesky “Black” ones, I’ll pick and chose very carefully. I’ll fight for those “black” causes that dismantle white supremacy; those which are not popular because they are protected by white civic and business interest and reach into the heart of what is and has been wrong with America. Those Causes that cause too much truth bringing out the guilt and shame that is white America. Causes that make white America realize they aren’t as good as they’d like to think and never having been; causes that show the weaknesses of being a “black success” in a white colony. But then again, maybe I should fight Jesse and Al’s type of fight. I’d be more popular and perhaps more wealthy instead of having society often making me feel like Don Quixote’s donkey.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


When I was a teenager living in Washington, D.C., I’d be in my room thinking about the challenges my black relatives faced in a white world that just destroyed Emmett Till. I’d wonder why my aunts and uncles were so poor and financially hapless. Why it seemed all the black men were drunks and/or unemployed. I knew something was wrong because when I went downtown, I saw a lot of white men and women working. I wondered why my mother was a file clerk and her supervisor, a white woman, was her superior even though they had the same education. Yes even in 1957, I knew something was wrong and my gut told me that this institutional and personal racism would someday choke white folks to death.

Now fast forward to 2007. I was watching CNN telling us how some “Middle Easterners” living in the West who has ancestral ties to Pakistan and Afghanistan can easily come to the United States on their Western passports. The broadcast went on to say that this is really a danger from al-Qaeda. How these “homegrown terrorist” can strike America, as they did England at any time.

What does all this mean? Is it just another propaganda tactic of fear, nothing at all, or is it both a tactic and a real danger? I believe it’s the latter. I believe that not unlike the systems put in place to hamper my non white ancestral relatives from achieving their real and full potential and those systems inhibited a viable tangible and non tangible (psychological) asset transfer to the present generations, those who have ties to ancestral Pakistan and Afghanistan have similar feelings towards the same European systems put in place for the same purpose of maintenance of their hegemony into the present.

But so what? In 1957 when I felt that white racism would someday choke those who believed in it, benefited from it, and stood silently by, I didn’t expect those possible consequences to have such a broad based impact. If there are “homegrown” attacks on the United States, there’s good possibility that such reciprocity would surely engulf so many innocent people as well. It would indiscriminately affect the white racist and their systems, the white social justice worker working towards some type of parity, and non white people as well. It would not only strike a blow to dismantle white supremacist systems, but the systematic infrastructure of the country upon which I depend. IMO that ain’t all good.

What’s the answer? I have no idea. The situation is so complex that it appears if it is ever to straighten itself; we must all start from scratch. But then again, that’s no guarantee anything would fundamentally change because of the human ego and the cultural influence European culture has had on all of us which begs the question, is the human need for power and control universal?

I don’t know how all this will play but I do know that something is playing similar to my ’57 tune. I just hope that in spite of the human struggles, that we’ll finally move towards a more just world society and white supremacy, along with its bedfellow corporate hegemony, fade into a sensible secular world humanism.

Friday, May 04, 2007


What with this live and let live business? See I’m expected to let live but it doesn’t apply to other folk as long as they are part of the gang. For example, I’m sitting at an outdoor coffee shop enjoying the day nothing on my mind except the sun and the young girls in the oh too tight jeans. With each sip of latte the day seems to get better until……

Two voices at the next table, one white and the other black begin talking about the power of prayer…they continue with how their lord is so great and how the bible is the know all to end all…

Being the “serious” Afro centric atheist historian* that I am, the conversation killed my spirit. It conjured up every ill that beset Africans and our culture when we arrived on these shores. It laid bear the pain of native peoples struggle with death and destruction at the hands of the white Christian expansionist. It brought to mind how this impotent Jesus laid ruin to a black people on their knees, professing a faithless faith, blinding them to mature and conscious examination, while singing submissive songs and throwing their hands in the air. Transformed Africans, trying to get in touch with their ancient African natural affinity using an unnatural idea and not being able to recognize or accept the difference. In so many words, it ruined my sunshine, it didn’t allow me to live.

I called a friend who is suppose to be “enlightened” and they told me, today we aren’t going there. My only question is how can one ignore ignorance any day? I want to live and let live, but I haven’t figured out the trick in a world that kills my spirit. If I could just indulge myself in illusion, in materialism, in mindless tasks, in being sexy or perhaps a ball game, then maybe I’d be able to participate in the live and let live ideal. I’d be able to join the masses and grow old while learning to live with my insanity. Learning to trick myself into ignoring ignorance and become bitterer or more unconscious each day for doing so. My how I envy black people who can rationalize the dynamics of the European cultural “norm.”

*Meaning that I don't believe in any "human form or creator" god head entity like Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, etc.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


You know what I’d like to know? I’d like to know if serial killers were a part of African social culture before contact. If you want to get the ire of a European up, just mention that there’s something unique to his culture that’s not part of a non white culture. Heaven forbid if it’s something that openly supports white supremacy. Not only will he freak, call you a historical revisionist, scholastically challenged, hell; he’ll even lay the reverse racist trip on you.

I get this all the time from Europeans when we discuss with them that homosexuality was a foreign idea to African culture. That since African culture was Nature based; homosexuality doesn’t fit their Ying-Yang or their concept of the Ankh. To counter, they’ll cite monkeys and giraffes as having homosexual encounters, even fish and toads. They must keep trying to make the world think that their behavior is universal behavior except when members of a non Western culture are being over criminalized or uncivilized, then that can be a “particular behavior” to that cultural group. In fact, it can lead to a rational reason for their conquest or destruction.

So we really need to get the academics cracking on this one. We need to do the research to find out if societal serial killers are truly a Western phenomenon and like a litany of other behaviors, see if they are transferred through the dominant culture’s social systems to other members of the society. See, if we find out that this behavior is born of European cultural society, and then maybe we have our first real crack in their shrouded cultural imperialism. Not only that, this realization can be a solid first step leading to their cultural healing as well, and judging from their history, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan, it can come none too soon.

Here are a few articles about Africans and serial killings.

“Following repeated cases of serial killing over the last decade, South Africa is now a world leader in the psychological profiling of multiple murderers. South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with more than 55 killings per 100,000 people last year. That compares with levels of around six per 100,000 in the United States, and under three per 100,000 in the UK."

Interesting that I could only find serial killers in South Africa, even in Zimbabwe, where black oppression was just as great, I didn’t find any.

The rest of Africa=0 except for those at war for one reason or another.

So I’d say the cultural significance of social serial killers would be that since serial killers are a product of power for control, which is the European’s cultural modus operandi; while the African’s culture was Nature based, then maybe there are other cultural behaviors that we should examine to determine if they are Nature based (African) or Power for Controlled based (European) and how they affect each of us.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What is Wrong With Us?

I truly don’t completely understand Negros.* They complain about the treatment they get from European culture yet they embrace it like there’s no tomorrow. I can understand why white folks ask the question, “What do they want?” Hell, I’d like to know too. What I really think is for some subconsciously and others consciously, is to be white themselves but their color reminds them daily that that can't be, so they try so very fucking hard to put “whiteness” into a black body. Futile, and pretty damn stupid to boot.

What if I drew a picture would that help? Here’s the definition of the Western Cultural World.

Classical definition of the Western world: Most of the depicted countries in blue were predominately influenced by Graeco-Roman culture and Christian and Enlightenment ideals and/or shaped by strong Western European immigration and settlement

The most significant points would be that there are NO blue countries (outside of Europe) on the above map that have black or non white people in charge after they were killed off or colonized. (I’d argue that still includes South Africa). Black people aren’t Greeks (well except the Negros who run around with Greek letters tattooed on their bodies and minds). Black people didn’t participate in the European’s “Enlightenment,” albeit some “intellectual” Black ideas were factored in. Black people didn’t develop the West’s Christian religion, but Black concepts about Nature were desecrated to make Jesus their reality and then we sure as hell plugged into it.

What I’m pointing to here is, Black folks adopted and adapted themselves to the Western Cultural World, and we are NOT HISTORICALLY WESTERN PEOPLE. Since this is true, what the fuck is going on? Why are we so intent on being “Western”? Are we crazy trying to put a round peg in a square hole while the real Western People stay organized and laugh their heads off at how silly we are?

Why isn’t this clear? Why don’t Black people (Africans included) want to embrace African cultural thought? Could it be that our ancestors’ culture has been so adulterated by Western and Arab influences that it has become too odious even for us? Why can’t we put as much effort into revitalizing and building what is truly ours as we do in trying to buy the latest and greatest widget? White supremacy, white media, white nothing controls that decision, only our own minds. So what the fuck is wrong with us? I’d say we don’t want the pain and heartache of reality and for that, I’d say we don’t truly love our children.

* Negros are historical African people who have been assimilated, adapted, or adopted into European or other non African culture without consideration of their historical African cultural essence before contact. Although many Negroes (and Africans) have varying degress of European (or Arab) ancestry, they still shouldn't ignore their African cultural base, especially if they feel different levels of alienation in this culture. For example, not unlike the Mexican who ignores his Indigenous self.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This morning I was riding down some strip mall highway in Delaware and came to a traffic light. I looked over at the driver next to me and saw this 40ish looking black man. He was wearing sun glasses, a cowboy hat, clean shaven and I think he had a bald head. He appeared to be what I'd consider an all around clean cut Negro. He was driving one of those cars that are suppose to go fast, the ones built low to the ground with a tailpipe the size of a basketball. What really caught my eye was in his back window he had written in bold red letters, U.S. Army Retired. I thought he looked a little young, but then again that’s from where I sit. He also had the usual stickers on his car, Support Our Troops and the MIA black ribbon. I thought to myself, any conscious, non-Christian, African centered African in America would say, there’s one lost Negro.

But at the next light some thing else meandered in. I looked in the mirror at my aged face, locked hair, and unemployable black ass and asked, who’s the lost one here? It occurred to me, if we were the same age etc., who’d likely get more respect from most people? Who’d make people feel more comfortable, who would they fear? All things being equal, who’d likely be hired first? Who would get the social kudos? In all likelihood, whose opinion would be made more serious, appropriate? Not mine, I’d be considered “militant, a nationalist, a trouble maker, esoteric,” at best, or just plain crazy at worst.

Why is that? Why would someone who really wishes (and works at it) that Black people become self-sufficient, independent, and respected, be least respected by Black people? On the other hand, judging from appearance and bumper stickers, some one who has a 98% chance of being Christian and adamantly supports those who support systems that locks up too many Black men, discriminates against Blacks in employment and other services, develops negative social stereotypes, controls their voice, while both historically and contemporarily demeaning things black, get more respect from, not just White folk, but Black folk as well? Why would they fit in among Blacks and I’d be considered the one lost, out of touch?

It makes me want to give up. It makes me wonder if it’s just smarter to be critically lazy and culturally dependent. Hell, is it psychologically easier to just surrender your spirit to some mystical god within national borders? Is it mentally healthy to just confine your thinking to American Idol? What advantage is there to not fitting in? Bottom line, maybe dude knew something I didn’t and in fact, I am the crazy one.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's Real?

Here’s a flight of fancy for you that I’m sure not too many people think about. I’ve often railed against European culture because I think it’s extremely destructive to the planet and Black people, who have a different kind of power and knowledge stored in their ancestral genes that can alter its destructive course, if they know the course. Black people and People of Color must stop taking for granted that European cultural thought is the know all to end all.

I find it fascination how we go about our daily lives and never make the connection between ideas that are particular to European cultural thought and behavior and ones that are not. We take for granted that their ideas are common to all cultures and people. For example, look at how much emphasis and importance non Europeans place on things artificial without even knowing it.

Accepting the artificial as a replacement for Nature is in itself destructive thought and behavior. It subverts what is Natural to benefit European cultural greed and subsequent rape of the planet. By placing emphasis on the artificial, shows contempt for Nature. As an example, why do we need to save trees when we have plastics? Global warming is a myth, just a theory. How can “non progressive” Black laborers be useful in the information age when we have computers? In order to make others accept the thought that the artificial is universally normal, they must be made to first embrace the most important European concept next to god, and that’s the idea of Progress. The idea of Progress is just another component of European cultural imperialism. Understand, not natural evolutionary Progress per se, but the idea that Progress is necessary for our survival, that we would somehow parish if we didn’t “Progress.”

The other component that is necessary for the artificial to subvert Nature is materialism. What is artificially created must make money for the capitalist. Both Capitalism (Not trade or barter) and Progress, as a cultural way of life, is unique to the Europeans’ cultural world view. If we drew a line (as in linear thought), each time we created something new and artificial, what was functional or subsequent is discarded, thus becoming a pollutant or more resources used to deplete the planet, all for profit. That’s European Progress, resource depletion and pollution in creation of the “artificial.”

Today we have “artificial” sweeteners, hair, breast, limbs, medicines, emotions, personality, intelligence, etc. and coming soon, humans. The idea of overcoming Nature or that Nature is somehow our enemy because it has the power to destroy the European is a reoccurring theme in European cultural thought and behavior. As mention in other essays, the core of European thought and behavior is power for control over others which includes Nature. Creating things artificial is the realization of that thought. Embracing as conventional, concepts of Progress, Capitalism, and Power over Nature, will prove to be deadly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


One reason I advocate that conscious Blacks leave America and build a viable community elsewhere is because if we need to go head to head with the “dominate” society for a fair share of resources, we’d lose big time. But I don’t think that would happen. The primary reason is because we don’t have enough conscious compatriots who feel being black is important. Further, many don’t even know what being CULTURALLY Black entails except having a dark hue. (See NAACP “Image” Awards).

If we wanted to seriously challenge white supremacy so we could stop complaining about our condition and how bad white folks are, Blacks would have to be a tight group and focused on black advancement. (Blacks, are those who are aligned with and descendants of Africans in America.) But that has increasingly grown into impossibility since the first water hoses in 1959. Integration, public schooling, sharing of the same god with your oppressor, no self sustaining economic base to protect our children, and historical cultural debasement, which finally lead to our doing it to ourselves, (see hip hop, etc.) has made sure we stay on the bottom rung of social progress. These factors, in the age of information, (we don’t control the information or the education of our youth) are in place to assure white supremacy stays king.

When Black people try to attain levels of consciousness and teach others, our voice is silenced in so many ways by whites and their black gatekeepers. You know the black ones we revere as having “made” it, but never think how they “made” it. The ones we think are down with “blackness”, but are allowed a voice that echoes white supremacy; the ones whose connections to white supremacy are well hidden. For example, and this is by far not the only one, can you imagine a black person on a morning talk show with a huge Black audience clowning around, acting “black” (whatever the debasement de jure maybe), offering comic relief, talking about who’s fucking whom or who’s running around with whom, and NEVER discussing issues that are truly germane to our upward mobility AS A PEOPLE? Reason, they’d lose market share because blacks are not interested in “political black stuff” on a daily basis. So we clamor to this country ass fools side. This is white supremacy at work.

We really need to stop! We really need to get in the game regardless of the consequences. We really need to demand reparations and leave. It may not be comfortable where we go, but if we are diligent and open to the blacks already there, it will be our chance to build our society. We need reparations to give us the resources to build because if there wasn’t enslavement, subsequent discrimination, and Jim Crow, we wouldn’t need them at all. We need reparations because wherever we go, we’ll be the “outsiders” and we need our own economic base. We must bring something viable to the table. Those of us, who can’t leave the white man’s tyranny, his decadence, his god, or his white supremacy, stay!

Monday, March 12, 2007



Somehow I get disturbed when I read black folks telling other black folks to show them their Blacker than me card, like it’s a “get out of jail free” card or something. I understand the inference, but on a deeper level, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have one. But the obvious problem would be what are the criteria for being so called, “Black”?

From the mind of Shabaka, being limited by having lightly melanin skin that other blacks have to sometimes asked, “Are you Black,” let me put it to you this way. Black is a color. Race is a social construct. Neither has any NATURAL connection to ones genetic blood line. The only things that come close are culture and ancestry. So right away, if we are to be honest and clear thinking, one can’t be “Blacker” than anyone because color and race are really meaningless. One can be more melanin challenged, but that’s a consequence of natural genetics and they are tricky little bastards. However giving agency to culture and ancestry is not tricky if one can accept facts on their face value and not propaganda.

Now that I have hopefully brought into question the notion of color and race being a criteria for owning a “Blacker than thou Card, let me address the only things left, culture and ancestry.

Culture is formed by a particular group living for a long time in a particular environment. In my view there are different levels of culture. I’d call them in descending order, pop culture, nominal culture, and deep culture. Pop culture is the most fluid. It borders on fad. Nominal culture is that which is dictated by a dominant society and enforced as the standard. Deep culture is the culture that’s coded into ones world view. Examples of each would be Hip Hop, the Ballet, and Communalism.

The aspect of culture that is most difficult to detect is its Deep Culture. In scientific terms, it would be akin to detecting the evolutionary biology of our brain.* If humans can give agency to the traits from our early evolution, why can’t some of those traits be cultural as the following essay suggest.

"The Reptilian Brain. The archipallium or primitive (reptilian) brain, or "Basal Brian", called by MacLean the "R-complex", includes the brain stem and the cerebellum, is the oldest brain. It consists of the structures of the brain stem - medulla, pons, cerebellum, mesencephalon, the oldest basal nuclei - the globus pallidus and the olfactory bulbs. In animals such as
reptiles, the brain stem and cerebellum dominate. For this reason it is commonly referred to as the "reptilian brain". It has the same type of archaic behavioural programs as snakes and lizards. It is rigid, obsessive, compulsive, ritualistic and paranoid, it is "filled with ancestral memories". It keeps repeating the same behaviours over and over again, never learning from past mistakes (corresponding to what Sri Aurobindo calls the mechanical Mind). This brain controls muscles, balance and autonomic functions, such as breathing and heartbeat. This part of the brain is active, even in deep sleep.

The Limbic System (Paleomammalian brain) . In 1952 MacLean first coined the name "limbic system" for the middle part of the brain. It can also be termed the paleopallium or intermediate (old mammalian) brain. It corresponds to the brain of most
mammals, and especially the earlier ones. The old mammalian brain residing in the limbic system is concerned with emotions and instincts, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual behaviour. As MacLean observes, everything in this emotional system is either "agreeable or disagreeable". Survival depends on avoidance of pain and repetition of pleasure.When this part of the brain is stimulated with a mild electrical current various emotions (fear, joy, rage, pleasure and pain etc) are produced. No emotion has been found to reside in one place for very long. But the Limbic system as a whole appears to be the primary seat of emotion, attention, and affective (emotion-charged) memories. Physiologically, it includes the the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala. It helps determine valence (e.g., whether you feel positive or negative toward something, in Buddhism referred to as vedena - "feeling") and salience (e.g., what gets your attention); unpredictability, and creative behavior. It has vast interconnections with the neocortex, so that brain functions are not either purely limbic or purely cortical but a mixture of both.

MacLean claims to have found in the Limbic system a physical basis for the dogmatic and paranoid tendency, the biological basis for the tendency of thinking to be subordinate feeling, to rationalize desires. He sees a great danger in all this limbic system power. As he understands it, this lowly mammalian brain of the limbic system tends to be the seat of our value judgments, instead of the more advanced neocortex. It decides whether our higher brain has a "good" idea or not, whether it feels true and right.

The Neocortex, cerebrum, the cortex, or an alternative term, neopallium, also known as the superior or rational (neomammalian) brain, comprises almost the whole of the hemispheres (made up of a more recent type of cortex, called neocortex) and some subcortical neuronal groups. It corresponds to the brain of the primate mammals and, consequently, the human species. The higher cognitive functions which distinguish Man from the animals are in the cortex. MacLean refers to the cortex as "the mother of invention and father of abstract thought". In Man the neocortex takes up two thirds of the total brain mass.

Although all animals also have a neocortex, it is relatively small, with few or no folds (indicating surface area and complexity and development). A mouse without a cortex can act in fairly normal way (at least to superficial appearance), whereas a human without a cortex is a vegetable.The cortex is divided into left and right hemispheres, the famous left and right brain. The left half of the cortex controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain the left side of the body. Also, the right brain is more spatial, abstract, musical and artistic, while the left brain more linear, rational, and verbal."

Let’s say that within the Limbic System which controls the emotions, and instincts, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual behavior one particular type of cultural human being took from their environment those Deep Cultural Structures (Nobles) that suited their world view and developed their societies around them. For example, the African who culturally matured in a “relaxed” warm hospitable environment where Nature provided for their needs would have time to focus on and develop their emotions, not worry about feeding themselves thus limiting fighting and also have time to enjoy their sexuality in accordance with what they were close with and respected, Nature. They would develop a sense of community and sharing as well as embrace connectivity because they needed the group to survive within Nature's bounty. The spoken Word was law. Group think!

On the other hand, the European, who culturally matured in a “hostile,” cold ice age environment would have little time to deal with their emotions (in fact they would be a hindrance for their survival), have a difficult time finding resources to feed themselves therefore fighting and weapon development for resource acquisition and control would be a prominent part of their cultural world view. Their sexuality would be confined to the warmth of their caves and because of the confinement would probably increase the opportunity for sexual “experimentation” for inter-group and/or inter-gender relationships. Therefore, they would be more aggressive, protective of their space/resources, xenophobic, technocratic, replace Nature with things artificial and develop deceptive practices for manipulation of the Word for their protection. All leading to Individual think, or at best later, the small controllable “nuclear family thinking”

Similar to the carry over from our early cerebral biological development, I’d say the humans cultural development was also coded and evolved from the environment to create such behaviors. That would mean that today, if we could find out which person would embrace which code of the aforementioned behaviors, than we could very well issue an “African or European” cultural card, depending on their embraced of their ancestral Deep Cultural Structures.

As I see it, the only hindrance to correct coding would be hypocrisy or deceit. For instance, one person from either cultural group, if they wanted to claim African status, could feign “Group think,” when their ultimate goal is to achieve individual advantage. This may be because it’s a part of their ancestral cultural thought and behavior or their own has been hidden and they have adopted another through the adaptation to foreign ideology. For those of us who can't get beyond the idea of skin color or the concept of race, this doesn’t negate the fact that we can issue a “Blacker than me” card once we learn to identify our own cultural behavior and through observation issue them to those who more closely follow their ancestral Deep Cultural Structures which ever one they may be or which ever culture they claim.

Footnote: In this reality, an Asian could be more African than a modern day African if the African has adapted, adopted, as well as practiced, another cultural thought and behavior. Remember Africans, in so called "prehistory," laid the foundation for many of today’s world cultures.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


If anyone should read my blog intro and then my blog, you’ll see that my focus is within the African community and not my Native community. There’s very good reason for that decision. I suppose the most important one is that I don’t look like Tonto or Sitting Bull. See the stereotypical imagine of the “Indian” is burned into the minds of the world’s public as those of so called “Asian” ancestry. However if history is ever to be truth, you’ll see that they weren’t the only group that inhabited this land mass long before the Vikings or Columbus. But that’s white supremacy for ya.

Another reason I don’t focus on my Native ancestry is because to be considered "Indian" in America one has to be recognized by the very people that tried to kill them all off through war, disease, cultural compromise, and miscegenation. My ancestral memory and common sense tells me something is wrong that picture. It tells me what can only be left are a very confused group of “Indians”. In my opinion, their original Cultural Spirit, (similar to the Negro) has been devastated and traumatized by the onslaught of white supremacy. Plus many of the “tribes” that are “recognized” by the government are chocked full of the ancestors of those very whites. The few “pure bloods and half bloods” along with other conscious Indigenous Peoples are mostly on the “Reservations” or locked in Black bodies in the cities.

Lastly the recent decisions of the tribal counsels of the Seminole and Cherokee “tribes” to penalize or expel their "black" members clinched it for me. They are doing what has been repeated over and over historically. After contact with the whites, they either run away from the black or are subjected to genocide. Look at S.E. Asia, look at the Pacific, South America, even the pre-Columbian United States, the African is GONE!

The essay below was taken from Wikipedia. It’s historically the story of the African (WTF is a “negrito?”) and the European which is still being played out in contemporary subtle and not so subtle ways in the streets of our cities, the African Bush and our media driven living rooms.

“The Andamanese is a collective term to describe the peoples who are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman Islands, located in the Bay of Bengal. The term includes the Great Andamanese, Jarawa, Onge, Sentinelese and the extinct Jangil. Anthropologically they are usually classified as Negritos, represented also by the Semang of Malaysia and the Aeta of the Philippines. They have lived on the Andaman Islands for at least 14,000 years and had very little contact with external societies for nearly all this period. This comparatively long-lasting isolation and separation from external influences is perhaps unequalled, except perhaps by the aboriginal inhabitants of Tasmania.
However, this changed in the mid-
1800s after the British established penal colonies. Increasing numbers of Indian and Karen settlers arrived, encroaching on former territories of the Andamanese. This proved disastrous for many of the tribes - with no resistance to common diseases, they quickly succumbed to epidemics of pneumonia, measles and influenza. At the time of first contact with the British there were an estimated 5,000 Great Andamanese; today only 41 remain.
Today only the Sentinelese, who live exclusively on
North Sentinel Island, have been able to completely maintain their independent state, resisting attempts to contact them. The Jarawa have also managed to remain substantially apart from the later colonisers and settlers; other Andamanese groups have had more extensive contacts, resulting in drastic reductions in territory and numbers, with several peoples becoming extinct altogether.
Until the 19th century, their habit of killing all shipwrecked foreigners and the remoteness of their islands prevented modification of their culture or language.
Cultivation was unknown to them, and they lived off of hunting indigenous pigs, fishing, and gathering. Their only weapons were the bow, fishing nets and harpoons. Besides the aboriginal people of Tasmania [1], the Andamanese were the only people who in the 19th century knew no method of making fire, carefully preserving embers in hollowed-out trees from fires caused by lightning strikes”.

So given the situation of these so called “Indians” attitude towards the descendants of their own black ancestry, there’ll be no going on the warpath for me. I’ll just continue to recognize myself without the “approval” of this racist government and commune with the Spirits of my ancestors.