Tuesday, December 26, 2006


clouded eyes
hopeless hope
listening to
hip hop

powerful religious

Fascist needles
Filled Black Death
Pointed at me
Muttering fearful

Why do I care?

Everything’s for sale
Mind, body, soul,

Stories yet to be told
Tomorrow’s quest
Today’s dreams
empty sorrow
It’s obvious to me
plain to see
Lost black minds are

America's irreversible

Shabaka 08/23/04

On certain occasions, when I’m bored, I may turn on the television. Tonight was one of those evenings. I watched the Daily Show with John Stewart. I understand he has had people like John Edwards, Bill Clinton, and now John Kerry on his show. I thought to myself, this is “liberal” television? I wondered how Blacks and other people of color felt. See, this is one of my main criticisms of people of color who defend white behavior, white “liberals.” Personally, I don’t appreciate being marginalized by conservatives or liberals. The Daily Show, to my limited knowledge, at most has had maybe one or two people of color on the show. They may have had a black or two, but never one who was able to articulate alternative views from a black or non white perspective which is afforded to whites and Jews.

It amazes me how people of color can dismiss so easily the “conspiracy theory” that whites work together for our “containment” whether psychological or physical. Here you have the most “liberal” white show on television and you can’t tell me they can’t find at least one non white person per month, per six months, who is a non athlete or entertainer to interview. They allow social Eurocentric commentary all day long, why not Asian centered, African centered, Indigenous centered? Of course they can find serious non white scholars and thinkers, but they adhere to that unspoken code that People of Color have nothing to offer unless they are singers, dancers or play ball. When they have something "non white" to say, it can only be of entertainment value and marketable only as such.

I'm fairly sure non whites, in the opinions of the Daily show writers and producers, are not center stage material unless we are touting or supporting some white socially cultural accepted or "universal" view. This gives the impression that whites facts and opinions are more important, or put another way, that white ideas and views are “supreme,” and just think, they scream and make "fun" of David Duke as being a "white supremacist.

If this is true, and I believe it is, nearly all whites are neo-colonist. We know about the neocons, but I’d say even the liberal/progressives fill the bill. But try explaining that to the average god fearing Black person or Christian Asian. They are either too preoccupied, fearful, stupid, or just don’t give a damm. They will let you know, in no uncertain terms, that they ain’t giving up their mortgage to live in some apartment or their new car to ride the bus. No down grades in this fight for “liberation.” Materialism is America, so fuck the Daily show and social consciousness. It’s a known fact, who think along these lines become crazy losers.

But I bet you this. Just before it’s all said and done and you are alone with your thoughts. Just before the final sleep, nothing, not car, bank account, house, all the “fun” and material attention you’ve had, the people you’ve loved, places you’ve been, nothing that you’ve done in life will really matter just that moment alone with yourself.

I have a question. When you speak with your spirit for the final time on this plane, how will it answer? Will it let you know that your whole life was a lie because you didn’t fight the indignation of not having non white views on the Daily Show?