Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Illegal immigrants stepped out of the shadows and poured into the streets, marching in waves of red, white and blue as part of a nationwide show of economic clout designed to prove their value to their adopted homeland and pressure Congress for reforms.”

Above is the opening by line in a May 2, Associated Press article. Further down, the article mentions how these illegal immigrants have some economic clout. "This country needs us. We are the strong arms that do all the tough jobs," said Donna Maria Mostache, a 43-year-old cook and illegal immigrant.”

I wonder if all the African Americans in East Oakland, Richmond, North Philadelphia, S.E. D.C., and from all the "other side" of the tracks pour out into the streets, wrap themselves in a wave of red, white, and blue, would that be enough to get us paid for when we were the “strong arms that did all the tough jobs?” Would we get paid for all the free slave labor we supplied “this country,” for over 400 years, making it the land of milk and honey for the “illegal immigrants?”

I realize the prevailing attitude in America is, what have you done for us lately, but those African Americans in the “hood” would have a hard time answering that question today because we’ve been too busy fending off the residual effects of white supremacy and the lost service and construction jobs to “illegal immigrants.” (See the black men out of work statistics and the increase in drug dealing)

I also know that the American way is hard work equals reward and that if you want to work, you can find a job. I’m sure, but would it pay enough to support a family or self respect? Psychologically, as a historically unpaid slave laborer whose ancestors started in such a deep hole, would one be able to mentally sustain near slave wages today? One popular retort is, why not get an education? I often ask, would the system of white supremacy support a 90% black educated work force? What if you are "too black?" What would all the displaced white folks do?

There is a segment of the African American population that is economically doing as well as many whites, and this is commendable. They are the police, the managers, bus drivers, the school teachers, etc. Most are in limiting positions, many as “gatekeepers,” hardly decision makers or entrepreneurs. Further, when riding the metro of any major city, you’ll not see black men in any numbers coming or going to work (Take this informal survey); they are on the corner or in jail. Many of their former jobs are being done for less money by “illegal immigrants.” This has reached the point where now so many are “mental” or drugged out; they can’t hold a job, broken.

What’s the answer? I have none that would gather a consensus. I could only come up with reparations. Pay monetary reparations to those African Americans who wish to leave and make a life elsewhere. America should settle the score of its ancestor’s greed. Those blacks who want to stay, figure out some tax or other economic scheme that will compensate them. Those who are in prison and can’t shake the criminal stigma, keep them locked away. Look, this is mostly about economic control. America is about business, I'm sure they understand that one problem should be fixed before you tackle another, that is, IF this is viewed as a problem. If so, do the right thing with America's "former" enslaved, then if America wishes, make “illegal immigrants” legal and pay them what you will (unlike our black ancestors), to be “the strong arms that do the tough jobs.” Con mucho gusto.