Wednesday, January 16, 2008


“Simply put, antimatter is a fundamental particle of regular matter with its electrical charge reversed. The common proton has an antimatter counterpart called the antiproton. It has the same mass but an opposite charge. The electron's counterpart is called a positron.”-Robert Britt, Senior Science Writer, Space.Com

I’ve often wondered if the Universe is full of appositions like matter and antimatter, light and darkness, and cultural apposition? What if the same principals of apposition applied to animals? I’d say to take a quick look, let's take the most obvious in the animal world, humans. We have basically two phenotypes and two cultural world views that appear to be in apposition. We have the quintessential “Northern” European phenotype and world view and the quintessential “West” African phenotype and world view. The obvious physical features of blond hair vs. black hair, thin noses and lips vs. thick noses and lips, melanin deficient skin vs. melanin enriched skin, etc. are surface appositions. But what about the obscure, the ones that goes against the dominate culture's essence? The ones they say don't exist because it would throw unwanted scrunity on them?

Here we have to look at cultural histories or behaviors to find the answers. Here we see that the Northern European culture has distaste for Nature because they try to control it via their techno-mechanical order by one example, creating things “artificial.” (Look in your kitchen cabinet or on television with programs like Nip/Tuck, mechanical dance moves, heavy metal, or European cultural greed). Then in apposition you have the African culture that historically was intone with nature through its rhythmic, synchronistic creations. (Look at African dance, song, dress, and pre-contact worldview)

So what does all this mean to me? First of all it tells me that we have a problem because neither culture understands its role in the universe. Second, it tells me that both of the cultures are necessary to satisfy, what I believe, is the Universe’s prime objective, and that is the quest for balance. However, one culture tries to control Nature, so there’s little hope of it coming to the realization or terms with its role in universal balance on it's own, and the other culture is so psychologically dominated and oppressed that it’s too busy trying to find ways of survival to realize its role in the balance scheme.

I truly believe that European culture essence is out of balance with its techno-material order. It has gone too long unchecked. I further believe that the African cultural essence, if it doesn’t realize its role in Universal balance, it may be too late to stop the other culture from totally destroying it and thereby themselves.

This brings me to my personal notes. This is why I despise White Supremacy and “Negrotism.” Neither serves the purpose for the advancement of our species. White Supremacy is a notion in cultural dominance and “Negrotism” is a notion in cultural submissiveness. Neither seeks balance.

If we are to become a viable species, we need to find our balance in the Universe. We need to learn to live with Nature (of which humans are an intricate part) as well as protect ourselves from Nature without trying to over ride it with an artificial technical material order. If so we will deter destructive wars and acts of unnecessary aggression, while focusing on our own survival as human beings. I think if we don’t realize that appositions need not destroy, but can amalgamate to create a “new universal harmony” and with the proper understanding or our role as matter and anti matter we will make it. Otherwise?

"When the matter and antimatter came into contact they annihilated, and only the residual amount of matter was left to form our current universe," Share says.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ole Bamba in America

Well Ole Bamba won the Iowa democratic primary. That was something in America for a Black man to win a primary in an almost 100% white state. However my experience with American politics after the 1960’s has been suspect at least. I know that the old elite have always been behind world politics, but in America a new phenomena has taken place. The world elite partnered with the neo-money class and the neo-money class allows the religious powerbrokers more freedom to spew their ideology. This tightens the grip on world domination because all of those groups are headed by Europeans and are determined to keep their hegemony in tact.

So how in the hell does Ole Bamba come into play with his dark skinned half African self? When I look behind the game, I’ve developed a theory of hegemony that can have perhaps two outcomes.

First, given the 2000-2004 electoral faux pas, the idea of a democratic process has suffered. With the elections in Florida and Ohio and the electronic voting machine revelations, the process is in question. With this election cycle there’s a chance to superficially restore to the American political process some semblance of legitimacy. In walks Ole Bama. The process would now appear to work if a half-“Black American” (hypo descent rule would make him all Negro) was elected as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He would have to beat out a field of all white males and one woman. That would show the world (and put off some American anarchist), how believing in the American systems of democracy, one could achieve social justice in their own country. Would Ole Bamba offer some serious political capital in this presidential race?

Second, I question how far do the powers behind Ole Bamba intend for him to go? Will they allow him to get the nomination and then run him against a humdrum opponent like Giuliani, who wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against any legitimate white candidate? Then when they fix the “too close to call” election, not too many people will question why a Black man in America lost, we all know there are some “throwback racist,” mainly in the south, in America. Still the process would appear to work for the rest of the world and the elite-money-religious triad would continue have their candidate in office.

Finally, Ole Bamba is safe. If for some reason their scheme doesn’t work, they still have a candidate that will not rock their boat. He may be like the female cop who now holds a traditional male job occupation. She must show that she’s worthy and also get approval of her peers and benefactors. Ole Bamba may turn out to be more aggressive in support of the status quo under the banner of doing his job.

The bottom line is “race” will play a part in America for years to come. It’s a great tool for control and manipulation. It appeals to the emotion, and in television’s Disneyland, emotion trumps reason and critical thinking every time. So it should be interesting and fun to watch how the triad will play the American public this time around. BTW, if you want an example of how control is maintained, no matter the outcome of elections, look at the current Democratic Congress.