Friday, October 19, 2007


You know what I’m beginning to think? I’m beginning to think that when Black women get hired for middle management jobs, they have a clandestine job description and that is to oversee the control of black men in the white man’s socio-economic world. I think this has profound implications on Black male-female relations and also reveals a pathological history steeped in white supremacy, and as someone coined, Post Traumatic Slave Syndromes. I’m careful to note that this is not all black women, it is usually the ones who are very ambitious, mid 30-mid 40’s, southern, Christian, fatherless, and overweight and if they are with a man he’s either white or a weak black man.

My African centered female friend took offense to my assessment by injecting the role of Black men in the employment scenario, so I’ll imagine what the other Black women will think of this “critique.” It should be noted that this critique is focused just on Black women in low to middle management positions in Euro-companies. Although there are many concomitant issues regarding Black men, that’s not my focus for this essay. I write this because I think it’s an important topic in our community, if proved correct. Black women are the culture bearers of what’s left of the African culture in America. And if my assessment is at all correct, think of the implications for the Black community at large, let alone young Black men, their sons.

Finally, if my critique is correct, what can we do, if anything, to correct this abnormality? As the Black condition stands in America today, I say nothing. How can Black women, who are absent Black men because of white supremacy’s impact on their social economic condition, take care of the children without working? How can they keep a job if they don’t do what’s expected of them, i.e.: Gatekeepers?

I think this is another reason for Reparations. I don’t think Euro culture can change in time to allow Black culture to proliferate in its natural state. By that I mean to allow Black people to first find then subscribe to their African culture essence, which is in many cases, the antithesis to Euro culture thought and behavior. Europeans will develop such cognitive dissonance, uneasiness and paranoia that they will attack. Our only chance is to live where the African cultural essence is no threat even though neo colonialism may exist. Again this is not written to be divisive, but to bring to the forefront a problem if it exists at all. If not, then this is just another doom and gloom essay.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Bush, Texas at odds over death case

By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 52 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - To put it bluntly, Texas wants President Bush to get out of the way of the state's plan to execute a Mexican for the brutal killing of two teenage girls.
Bush, who presided over 152 executions as governor of Texas, wants to halt the execution of Jose Ernesto Medellin in what has become a confusing test of presidential power that the Supreme Court, which hears the case this week, ultimately will sort out

Governor Bush doesn’t have the same advisors as President Bush. What do I mean by that? When I write that racism had to end in the United States, not because of some benevolent ideas about equal justice for its citizens of color but because internationally, racism had to end if America was to expand its commercial enterprises. How could the U.S. do business with countries that have the resources, which are people of color countries, and still preach “democracy” when there were none for certain sections of its own citizenry? Overt racism’s demise was politically expedient.

As governor, George Bush didn’t have to deal on the international stage. As president he does. His wealthy contributors and advisor elite need NAFTA and eventually “dollarization” to maintain its current economic supremacy. It can’t do that if Mexico’s “sovereignty” is ignored. Mexico must feel that it has some rights over its citizens and without it, the people may perceive themselves as a colony of the U.S.

Therefore, like racism before it, the U.S. government, along with the controlling power elite, must again pretend that they care about people of color. What’s so sad is that people of color will believe it.

Voice in the Wind

Sometimes I feel so alone. One voice, with few echoes in a world that’s so far doesn’t look promising. One voice that constantly preaches caution against European cultural aggression. One voice that is silenced against the volume of media, materialism, and cultural mayhem. Yesterday I spoke with a young person in a coffee shop. He and I agreed that a successful revolution is theoretically improbable in the U.S. He thinks this because his idea of revolution is violent and people will not participate in mass until things have deteriorated where they have no choice or no more stake.

I believe he’s correct, but I also think any revolution will not be possible because those who have the most to lose, the cultural elite, are too fluid. In the past, the cultural elite were confined by time and space. Today, with the advent of computers and financial liquidity, those restraints are all but lifted. If America falls apart, they can move their holdings to a place like Australia. They can live in the relative safety of anonymity in some exclusive European enclave or stay on the move for that matter. Therefore, any physical revolution will only succeed in the death and destruction of the masses, while the elite will allow it to happen, in fact, encourage it because it will continue the illusion that this type of revolution can change the power dynamics.

Further I believe that there was only one true revolution in human history. That revolution took place, and is still taking place, as a gradual process of ideological shift. In plain and simple language it is the changing of the ideological guard from an African to a European cultural world view. I believe to this point in history the reason why this revolution was not as obvious or as deteriorating as it is today is because parts of both world views could co-exist to some extent. But now that the European cultural world view is at it crescendo, it becomes painfully obvious of how it has brought chaos and human nature’s destructiveness into play specifically his greed and need for power and control.

As a note, I’m not saying the African world view is perfect. I don’t have that kind of insight. I’m sure there are aspects that are not conducive for the growth and development of the human spirit, but since it is spiritually based, I think it’s better than what we have. I think with this base, parts of the European cultural idea would present a better solution for the planet. However the cultural elite, which depends on monotheism to keep the masses away from spirituality, rules the day.

So I think any true revolution will have to be ideologically spiritually based. One the cultural elite can’t escape no matter how fluid or autonomous. The masses must not pick up a gun, but an idea. The masses should embrace an idea that we can all live and share the planet in our differences and our sameness because of our connectedness to Nature. But first we must alter the prevailing European cultural idea to fit the needs of the world, a tall order in light of China’s material revolution and Bush’s visit to Australia.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Freedom American Style

Each day I hear on some media outlet how America is fighting for its freedom. Riding in my truck this morning I had the opportunity to think about our freedom and what it means to me. I thought that yes, I’m free. I’m free to be exploited by people whose world view is predominated by the need for power and control. Freedom in the true sense of the word is impossible under this system. How can I be free when theoretically I even pay for the air I breathe? Every waking moment is spent on some form of making or spending money to live and to live I must breath. So how free am I?

During my mental sojourn in my car this morning I also came by a sign that had three Christian crosses and under it the caption read, “Get Connected.” After having my thoughts about freedom, to read this just added more mental stress. Get connected to what, to some sky god? How will that help me live, be free? Hell if I did go to some church, I’d have to pay for that too. But even more troubling is that instead of getting connected, religion pulled the plug. Freedom mean choice and religion only gives you one reasonable choice. Believe in what they believe or be unreasonable and go to hell. What kind of freedom is that and can you believe people grew up with this stuff?

So what’s the answer? The only one I could come up with given my limited intelligence is that we gotta tell those folks who live to make money to fuck off. We gotta turn off the television, ignore the commercials, stop idolizing corporate America and instead learn how to talk to our friends and family. We gotta stop giving in to our mammalian brain and develop our cortex. We gotta stop being lead by the insecure towards or lower animal self. But man what a tall order. It’s much, much easier to absorb pleasure than to struggle with reflection.

So as I drive along in my almost new truck, I suppose I must stop being reflective and just enjoy the moment. Maybe if I stop thinking about shit like this and look at some pretty young girl in a halter top I’d be more normal and freer. At least that’s how the theory goes…