Monday, June 12, 2006


When I was a younger man, I held out hope that the Democratic party of JFK would bring some balance to America's racial problems. Looking at the state of Black America today, it never happened. It appears no matter which one of the two political parties are in power, they always cater to America's white supremacy first and ideas of balance is just a rhetorical reality for non whites. Even in 2006, look at the largely Democrat Kos convention, do you see "balanced" participation in skin color, and god forbid, cultural attitudes?

I believe we are at the point where America must seriously deal with its conveniently ignored domestic racial issues because its international "racial" position demands it. We've reached the point of no return. When and if the progressive democrats get into office, they must stop leaving issues of Black, Brown and Yellow America to so called "minority leaders" who only parrot and get paid. They have no real power or cultural insight to really solve America's racial/cultural problems. The ugly truth is they have been educated by their neo colonial European leaders as part of the problem.

What is the answer? I have no definite clue. I just know there's no balance and doubt within a historical context, if there ever can be. Maybe the answer for White America is the road it appears to be taking today, rid the country of its "color/cultural problem" through different avenues of assimilation, prison, drugs, Aids, homosexuality, suicide/mentacide, etc., then tie it to capitalism which benefits all segments of the populace, even the shrinking "new negro" middle income class. Unfortunately doing this, as opposed to implementing concrete balance or legislating tougher programs like reparations, seems to be more appealing to the masses. As it is, I can see that the new generations of young non-white men are in far greater danger than I during JFK's time.

In my limited view, this is also serious for the white middle class. We all have to live here, we just can't move ourselves or money around like the elite. If America becomes a gang infested, inter war torn, dog eat dog racial hell hole, all people of serious good will must work together and solve the problems (without the religious right or their counterparts hypocritical idiocy) and perhaps use those tougher programs, if necessary. There seems to be a direct correlation between our Black population culturally dying and America, at approximately the same rate, falling into disarray. All this while the racist are still practicing white supremacy and our liberal Progressives-Democrats are behind the scenes mostly being closet supporters.

Maybe, just maybe, Jefferson and Lincoln were right and Europeans and Africans must come to some basic truisms about themselves. One being, Blacks and Whites can't co-exist while keeping their Natural cultural essence, it's too appositional. IF this is the case, then the aspirations of the JFK generation were misguided and we need a new course in the new millennium. We either need to separate or totally amalgamate. Of the two, separation is less difficult and makes more sense because amalgamation means genocide of both cultures and I believe the one with the power will never allow such, as well they should'nt. After all, cultural is not an idea that's subjected to a dialectic, but balance most certainly is.