Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As a casual observer of politics in America, I don’t understand something. Recently both liberals and conservative disparage G.W. Bush. They call him names and wish he were gone. I saw that nasal throated blond Coulter wish that “nincompoop” gone.
She also said that both the democrats and the republicans are reaching across the aisle to show bi-partisanship. I’m confused. I thought people were upset with the whole GOP and not just their current leaders. I thought the country was upset because of the war and not just the politics of the war. I thought the country was trying to attain some sense of “righteousness” and denounce imperialism. It seems that again I put too much faith in white folk’s ability to live in the world and not own it.

Bottom line I think there is no way in hell, given the idea of the current congress regarding the great healing of “bi-partisanship” that the American public can support current capitalist interest and not support war, racism, imperialism and cultural aggression. The question in my mind then becomes, who is least affected by this support? I don’t think the answer will be the poor, the undereducated, the underemployed and those who are susceptible to racial/cultural discrimination. Those groups will be most affected by this new “bi-partisanship.” Those groups make up the majority of Americans. My second question would be, why do so many whites support the GOP? Here I can only speculate that the racial propaganda machine works well to appeal to the European’s sense of power for control, their sense of unity to maintain that power for control and I believe this is an unwritten code of support among all liberal-progressive, conservative-neo-con white folk.

I think if this is true, white politics can never include a substantial number of non-whites as power brokers even if they carry the banner of capitalist-imperialism. That would jeopardize the majority power base and then even white unity will be thrown into question. In other words, non whites have no real future in America. A few will always be incorporated or assimilated on a higher social economic level for propaganda purposes. However the majority will always be tow-the-line foot stools for a "white culture" that needs someone who is creative and smart to contribute mightily, for less money and no recognition, someone there to make whites feel superior.

Even with all these advantages and privileges for white folks, I still don’t understand the need and acceptance for “bipartisanship” as the current leaders in both parties steal the country from the majority of whites. I don’t understand how the Supreme Court can side with this administration on blatant Constitutional violations and the majority of white folks just let it happen. The only explanation I can conjure is that the "Third Reich" has found a new home and like the “good German people” of the 1930’s, the "good American people" are exercising their cultural aggression and political control is the venue to accomplish their goals. I really think Blacks need Reparations so we can leave and build elsewhere even if we chose a black country steeped in neo-colonialism and leave white folks politics to white folks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Who are the good?
those who decimated dark cultures
in the name of civilization?
those who took Native’s land
because they didn’t farm?
Or was it those who enslaved millions of Africans
in the name of jesus?
Just who are the good?
How about those who stole Hawaii,
killed Filipinos for profit
turned China into an opium den?
Stripped the poor from their banana lands
in Central America
Or spread killer democracy in Iraq
With shock and awe
Maybe it’s the one's who tout freedom
From the pulpit of white supremacy
the gun pointed at your head
but the Taliban still can’t be
the Taliban
Or Hamas a democracy
no matter how fuck up they are
Perhaps it’s those
who point fingers at the oppressed
For acting like the oppressed
after oppressing them
Yes, just who are the good?
Maybe the one's who must put the world
in some rational order, their order
Could the faces of the good
Be the faces of deceit?
living high on the hog
Where ever they want
making better bombs and
taller walls
So good they can define
good at will and
for them there’s no
evil unless they say so...
and they have historically said
to this day evil is dark

If Hillary wins the nomination for President, I think she would be smart to ask Obama if he’d play brides maid. It would be a smart move because it would almost guarantee she would at least survive her first term in office. Since the Vice President is only a heart beat away from the top job, she’s safe. These white folks may play around and elect a white woman, after all she’s the mother of white men, and in many cases shares and gives them their “values,” but a black man, even if he does have a white mother and is a negro to boot, is still too risky in the minds of “true Americans.” When I think about it, living in America is a serious joke. I believe the majority of people who are raised here on “good old American values,” both white and non white, are lacking. The white ones haven’t fully realized that the maintenance of white supremacist systems will eventually choke the hell out of them, and the non whites haven’t fully realized that they are victims’ of white supremacy on all levels and themselves help maintain it, leading to their own oppression.

So here we have it, Hillary and Obama running for President, American democracy in action. A white woman and a black man both trapped in a European cultural idea. Both Candidates laboring under the standard universal concepts that structured the world for European cultural dominance, ideas of power and progress (which demeans non Europeans because they are assured by the European cultural/military army to have neither) that leads to cultural imperialism. Ideas that the world must be put in some “rational order” (which pretty much negates spirituality and harmony) whether they do it under one true god doctrine or the one true democracy rhetoric it makes no difference. It also makes no difference the color of the skin or gender that leads the army.

I hope one can see why I see this as a serious joke because when you come right down to it, it doesn’t matter which one wins. It could even be a white male republican. All that really matters is that the conservative television propaganda machine and the liberal internet keep the “good old American values” good and real for them. And Obama, if elected, has the possibility of being shot, everything is still “normal.” Hooray for Hillary.