Sunday, August 01, 2010


My America the Beautiful

My country tears from me
What happened to democracy?
Of thee I sing
Never finalized far from realized
From mountain to country side
Lost in ambiguity

My country tears from me
What happened to liberty?
Which I never knew
Sit slogans aside one great big lie
White immoral pride
Their freedom to rings

My country tears from me
What happened to morality?
Hung from trees
Smelling in the breeze
Freedom’s song died
Wrong is right, right is might
Dirt for prosperity

My country tears form me
Land where my fathers died
Land that killed my pride
Where white supremacy resides
1608 till 0’10
Of Tis I sing
Of thee I sing

Shabaka 7/10

“Simply, we are all too professional to allow disagreements between BP and any other organization to affect our behaviors," Ryan Urik, a BP well safety adviser working on the Development Driller II, which is drilling a backup relief well, said in an e-mail last week.- From article discussing BP sealing the Deepwater Well.”

The above excerpt taken from an AP article “Congressman: too much dispersant used in oil spill”, by Josef Hebert is my attempt to show two opposing cultural expression and why people like Lincoln, Jefferson and others have thought that African people and European people can not live equally in the same society.

Throughout history there have been conflicts between people of the African phenotype and those of the Europeans. History shows, from the Assyrians, through the Greek, Roman, and Arab invasions of Africa, it has taken pains to obfuscate these conflicts as being cultural, and the reasons why are for another topic. Further, modern history has compressed these conflicts into “racial” ones based simply on how one looks. They were all European types because they needed the African type to have no substantial role in history. They wanted the African phenotype removed to make it distasteful to humanity in both substance and form. To do this culture was removed (because there’s undeniable beauty in all cultures) and replaced with ideas of a “Race” of Africans (Black Race) based on phenotype, which made it easier to demonize because you can see it, make it what you want. However that became problematic because the human beings taste is eclectic, so no phenotype is universality displeasing. It must have been something deeper to promote this idea.

This essay tries to reduce that “something deeper” down to culture, not race, and how cultures think, or in other words, share their Memes over centuries. (Cultural Memes may be incorrect, but it’s more acceptable today than a genetic trait).

The statement in the excerpt that deals with how the three companies are “too professional” to allow disagreement between them is telling of how European cultural Memes are used to foster, for non Europeans, yet hide, for Europeans, the ideas of “race.” BP, Halliburton, and Transoceans are European run companies. They are a microcosm of European world organizational structure. When a serious threat appears, no matter their own disagreement, they will work together because they are “too professional” not to.

Let juxtaposition that against how Africans run/control their countries, or if Black controlled Corporations, how they nearly always need European counsel. There are no two African countries that can work together for any length of time. So far, there are always conflicts and arguments as to how they “feel” about how things should run. To further my point, what do you think African Americans mean when they ask, “do you feel me?” African Americans and Africans will kill because they “feel” someone has disrespected them or they “feel” they don’t have respect from others of a different ethnic group.

To condense the two ideas it boils down to one group is “too professional” and the other “feeling” in their dealing within societies. I suggest that this is basically cultural, but it is made to seem more racial. This is important, because if it were accepted as mostly racial, then that would mean that this concept could be manipulated by social means to comply with phenotypes. That would mean that African people could accept that feeling (emotion) is basically who they are and cognition is foreign or not as important. Europeans would accept that cognition is mostly who they are and feeling is foreign or not as important. That’s why BP, Halliburton and Transoceanic can work together even if they have disagreement. They place cognition over feelings. (Emotion)

This has major implications in society. If African people are stereotyped in the media, educational institutions, and in their own communities as their personal feeling (emotion) being more important than cognition (thinking), they will internalize that feeling is predominately who they are and if they feel like doing something, whether it’s becoming a doctor or a drug dealer act accordingly. The bottom line becomes their individual socialization. But most likely their socialization is the media, educational institutions, and their community, which is mostly controlled by Europeans (over the years the power for shaping children’s ideas has diminished within the family structure, especially in the isolated Black northern “inner” cities) and the European can’t “feel” them, only “think” them, and the African is punished because he than has difficulty living with the European cognitive mode, negating his “feeling” (emotional) mode causing cognitive dissonance.

Why is this in the first place? How can I say such things?

The white man’s burden is the black man’s curse. European culture must suffer the African cultural ideas and the African cultural idea must suffer the attempts of its removal.

Plato expressed the European cultural idea that logic is far superior to [base] emotion.
However the African cultural idea was born out of discussion about life, while the European cultural idea was born out of how to sustain life, strife. This is due mostly to environment. The African cultural idea developed out of Natures bounty and didn’t have to concern itself with daily means of survival. It had time to use equally both the cognitive mind and the emotional mind, balancing feelings with cognition. The European cultural mind had to plot, scheme, deceive, kill to survive, things that had to suppress “emotion.”

Upon contact, it is obvious that they both couldn’t live in the same space, one had to subject the other. Giving their epistemology, which do you think prevailed? This conflict has been ongoing since contact. The ancient (BCE) diffusion of the worldwide African idea needed to be diminished, if not removed, so the European cultural idea (CE) could flourish satisfying it’s natural need for the dominance of cognition over emotion (feelings.)

This conflict, this never ending quest to remove the essential African idea that many people of African descent still carry in their ancestral memory today. This attempt to make it racial instead of cultural thereby promoting the idea that the African phenotype is predominately an “emotional” creature obfuscating the historical evidence that they are both, is why the two cultures cannot live together unless the African cultural idea submits itself making them less human.

Shabaka Tecumseh 8/1/10

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How can I talk about racism?

This is the most difficult part of most people coming to terms with my thinking. Knowing there are everyday white people who have mundane jobs trying to make ends meet and knowing that there are a great many poor white people. How can I talk about racism in light of this and the existence of our black bourgeois and the election of President Obama? How can discussions about the existence of racism be valid?

The answers are complex. However I think the most prominent, and also the most covert, are racial attitudes based in the history of racism. Ideas of place and power rooted in fear and cultural memes. Ideas that are the foundation of this country and ideas that have been built to support its economic and social structures. Ideas of the supremacy of European phenotype and the inferiority of the African phenotype, all on some sliding scale controlled by the European cultural establishment. For example, and with few exceptions, the black Harvard and Princeton grads go to the top of the list with the next tier being the black fraternity and sorority members. They tout what they have learned, given the credential of approval, and moved up the social ladder to” spread the word.” They take their children to museums that show the greatness of the European conquest and how superior their arts and sciences. They encourage the masses of blacks to do the same and debased African thought and culture if not overtly, then covertly by their mere presence and place.

With this social structure in place, even the poor white people are able to maintain a superior social attitude. Those “blacks” credited with being our best and brightest are striving to achieve the given social status of the economically poor white. That’s why Obama can invite a police sergeant to the white house for a beer after he just dissed a Harvard professor (and Obama friend) then everything is OK because white folks feel better. Their cultural power, as expressed through their social order, is not threatened. How do you heal this? How do you get the European phenotype to even acknowledge this social/cultural disorder as a problem when it’s not to their advantage to do so? In fact it may be dangerous to do so because of the violence it may invoke.

However I know that the order of things today stifles this country. It keeps one group comfortable with their privilege, and in turn keeps other groups unable to seriously deal with their social/cultural inferiority complexes, both situations exacerbating a negative environment which hampers productivity and creativeness.

But why do I concern myself with such things, I’m not a black Harvard grad or frat member.

Note: I hope President Obama sincerely felt that inviting the police sergeant to the white house was a gesture of racial healing without any culturally induced notions of white supremacist influence. Albeit hard to accept that premise given his education and surroundings.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I had four aunts. I remember as a young pre teen these beautiful, tall, slender, yet not small, brown women. I remember going in the bathroom and seeing their silk nylons hanging from some made up stick my grandmother used to whip our asses when we didn‘t listen. I remember sneaking peeks as they were getting dressed to go to work or out on a Saturday night. I remember getting a warm feeling in my pre pubetic groin watching them put on their silk stockings, red fingernails clicking the hooks over the elastic white garter to hold up the black rim hose.

I marveled as they took their time pulling up the shear man made cover over those shapely legs, they seemed to admire their bodies and automatically knew and understand the chemistry that made them woman. Not subservient, not weak, but what Nature intended when it split the hermaphroditic human animal into two entities for better survival, one of testosterone and the other estrogen.

Today as I was riding on the train, two black bodies in military uniform caught my eye. I stared through the window because my brain didn’t agree with my eye. For several minutes I wondered, but then I saw the outline of what appeared to be breast or a flak jacket beneath the camouflage, I settled on breast. As the train pulled out of the station, I reflected on the relationships and attitudes of black, white, and in general, “western” women of today and my aunts of yesterday. Then I really wondered if Nature was able to keep the separation it worked so long and hard to create or was it losing out to anything goes, all that’s good, white feminism, strong black woman material pleasure, all in the name of progress?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


psy·cho·path (sī'kə-pāth') n. A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse

One reason European cultural thought and behavior must be deconstructed and adjusted, if not eliminated, is because of its psychopathic nature. First we must agree that a CULTURE can have a psychopathic essence. By that I mean that a cultural world view can have a psychopathic nature/foundation. For example here's an expression of that foundation. When the European devised organizations like "Greenpeace" and take on projects like "Save the whales", I contend that their deep seeded motivation is guided by the realization that if the whales go extinct, how far are we behind?

I'm not saying that this is "wrong" or crazy, but what I'm saying is that Euro created organizations like "Greenpeace" don't come into existence BECAUSE of the shear misguided anti nature ideology of European culture, but because of the shared ideological existence of it in the first place. This can be extended to other cultural forms that European cultural thought creates like democracy, freedom, capitalism, religion, from linear ideas of progress, to control of some unknowable future, they all share no remorse or show empathy for their victims, only rhetorical critiques of their behaviors or promises to do better (if they are caught)..

The anti nature stance of European culture has been in existence since the dawn of their history. Where was "Greenpeace?" The Japanese and Inuit ate whale meat for centuries, but commercial exploitation reached its zenith in the early 19th century when the European entered the market. Even today Greenpeace attacks the effects and not the cause of destruction, therefore becoming, in many ways, complacent to the amoral behavior. They can't empathize or even be remorseful of the Europeans cultures behaviors, just rhetorically critical. See world savior and world conqueror are two sides of the same coin.

This example can be extended to the European culture's aggressive criminal behavior towards Blacks, First Peoples, etc. (albeit because of euro cultural imperialism, most of these "conquered" cultures now share many of the same views as the conqueror). But for me the saddest part is that euro liberal and other groups are not only NOT attacking the cause of the destruction, but by not doing so, they are killing "us" as well as themselves, the ultimate psychopathic behavior, yet they still show no remorse or empathy, just ideas of "progress."

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."-Jiddu