Monday, January 15, 2007


What does Martin Luther King Day mean to me? Well first of all it allows me to reflect. Reflect on the day I was in bed with my young beautiful wife and the news came over the television that Dr. King had been shot. I remember the tears filling my eyes, not just for Dr. King, but for this country. You see, I was around when John, Malcolm, and Dr. King were assassinated and unbeknown to me at the time, I’d feel that sadness 60 days later with Bobby.

This day reminds me that there is an element in this country that will stop at nothing to maintain control. It reminds me that this element will not let ideas of white supremacy fade. This day reminds me of how we have been socialized to support our own oppression. This day reminds me of how naïve we were in 1968.

Not to distract from Dr. King’s legacy or his courage, there’s been no equal since that time, but we must also understand that Dr. King only changed what the elite needed changed for their worldwide business and ideological interest. They needed an America that would be perceived by the world as “racially and religiously" tolerant to promote its ideals of democracy, freedom and an open society. This was necessary so the populace of other countries could demand “an open society” and thereby allowing American interest to get a cultural and later economic foothold in their society.

However at home it was the same old story baked in a different oven. The elite were covertly undermining any real racial progress in the United States with their carrot and stick edits and law enforcement that allowed the free flow of narcotics into select black communities while promoting a rhetorical War on Drugs. They further allowed the slow escalation of the exportation of jobs and developed the double whammy of decadent (negative black) media images that they could exploit and promote for white unity through black disunity. For example, Good Times, The Jefferson’s, What’s Happening, Different Strokes, etc. all promoted the image of the black as clownish and childlike and the contrast was a rational, reasonable, white society. This elite white supremacist interest needed the American public to buy into their rhetorical systems so it could be marketed at home and abroad like a cheap trick and Dr. King was, in my humble opinion, the unsuspecting catalyst.

In the final analysis I’d say the symbolism of this day, MLK Day, had its moments of hope and optimism in 1968, but upon deeper inspection, I believe Martin died to keep faith in a dream that would culminate into a nightmare.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why fight it?

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to write about events and their affect on the black world because the Europeans are doing their best to organize the world in their image This is very similar to that other person we've heard so much about lately, God. Given this, I suppose Christian Nations like the United States, France, Germany, England, etc. can accept what they are doing.

I recently sent emails talking about the Social Security Agreement between the U.S. and Mexico. My friend M, who's a lawyer, tells me that treaties supersede laws, so if “the people” wanted to curtail Social Security funds going to Mexican workers what could the Congress or anyone do except rescind the treaty, and that ain't likely. To appease the public, the congress will probably holler and scream while ending up doing nothing except passing an after the fact law, but remember treaties supersede laws.

It appears that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the eventual organization of American States from becoming a reality. Our European leaders under the guise of “Americans” are already readying the chips for the tracking passports that will alter the need for borders. We already have NAFTA and other trade and economic pacts with Canada, Mexico and Central America with many South American countries having a different role. Soon we'll be one enormous state needing some type of totalitarian control to keep it organized and "orderly." What's so sad is, good people will welcome it.

Then we have the European Union organizing on the other side of the ocean. I'm sure before it's said and done, they'll even have certain African countries in their "Union."

What about Asia? After the Japanese and the Chinese, having tasted greed and good ole white boys’ capitalism, they'll be pounding on the door of the Euro organizing committees begging to monitor their sphere of influence. India is already on board big time.

However everything doesn’t go smoothly. I suppose it would help when the Euro organizers go after resources of other countries in the world that aren't "on board,” it would be helpful to know who the "good' guys are and the "bad" guys are. I think Christianity will be helpful in this sense and the resources that are controlled by other Christian countries, like those in South America and Russia region, make them communist or something like that. That way we can deal with those "rogue" states, communist, leftist, Islamic extremist, savages, etc. because only the good guys, us, believe in Jesus and have the right vision.

But you know what. In Nature there’s always an apposition because the Laws of Nature seeks balance and those laws are the ONLY ones that supersede treaties. There will always be a country, a group, which will oppose the Euro organizers. However, the European mind is just too slick. Like I said, they'll use and welcome that opposition so they can paint them as all those things I mentioned while recruiting new troops in the process to fight these “evils” and the “War on Terror” until the world is won.

Man can you see how deep the European thought is ingrained in the minds of people? They need power and they need control and most people of the world are willingly going along with it. They need the world to be in lock step with their ideology, to adhere to some mathematical formula instead of some natural phenomenon so they can understand it. Although most of the world understands natural phenomena, the European has t the world believing they need that formula too or else they are uncivilized or something of the sort. The natural rhythms of the drums are nice for a momentary diversion, but when they are getting down to business, for the European mind, only a symphony will do. Only the spirit of the European mind, which created their early myths of bringing order out of chaos, will play on their real life world stage. This is how they see the world and this is how the world will be, even if they have to blow the damm thing up.