Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ever since I can remember Black folks have either had or talked about having a leader. I suppose this tradition comes from the enslaved needing a particular spokesperson to champion their cause. But what about a white leader, a white leader that champions white causes? I’m sure that has not been a problem, white folks have elected their leader every four years. It’s called the presidential elections. I know most folks will say, how can that be when the president represents ALL the people? Well, when you look at things from an unclouded perspective, you’ll see that the president, no matter his political party, represents white folks and oversees the rest of us.

Enter Barack Obama. Here we have, what I believe, is the first really “serious” non white contender to be the voice of white folks. I believe a large number of liberal, progressive, and even some mild conservative whites can stomach Obama as the spokesperson for them. They see it as a win, win. They finally have a “safe” non white person who can champion their values because in part of his white mother and also it can finally, ostensibly, take the stench off of America’s past as having only white men as their leader. This will superficially play well in San Francisco and Baghdad.

Speaking of Baghdad, I spoke to a W.D. Mohammed Muslim the other day and he’s hot for Barack. He thinks that Obama will speak for him and his Muslim community. He told me Obama was their friend. To me that makes no sense what so ever. How does he think Obama can get elected if the majority of voters, who just happen to be white, think he’s a friend to the Muslims community, especially the Black Muslim community, hell what about the Khazar Jews and campaign contributions?

I don’t think Obama will be the spokesperson for the white folk or overseer for the rest of us. I don’t think the majority of white men (and women) can stomach getting up in the morning, turning on the T.V., and seeing their leader in blackface. It would be too uncomfortable and create a serious cognitive dissidence in their psyche of both the loss of white supremacy and should I laugh. Maybe in about 50 years when America has a more balanced electorate and fair voting machines, will there be a non-white white spokesperson. I don’t think Obama will make it this time. Even with his half European self, I’m sure he’s considered as just a more “polished” Rev. Jesse or Rev. Al., another hypocritical symbol of America’s non racist core.

White folks will have a new leader next year and we’ll have a new overseer, but he won’t be in blackface but more than likely wearing a skirt.

Monday, August 27, 2007


This was taken from a news article on Yahoo News:

"But in a step toward implementing the deal, U.S. and Iraqi officials announced that coalition forces would increase the number of detainees released during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins next month."

Why does the American press feel comfortable writing about this sort of thing? Is it because they know that liberal, conservative, or progressive europeans may not approve of the pretense and methods used for going into iraq, but they understand white supremacy and will do nothing about such cultural arrogance....

Dark skinned people fill the jails worldwide...

Here's another from Yahoo News talking about those who are satisfied with their jobs:

"The poll also showed an ethnic trend in job satisfaction, with more than half the white people polled saying they were very happy in their work, compared with 46 percent of Hispanics and 40 percent of African Americans."

OK but what's the size of the sample? Was it 40 percent of 25 African Americans polled compared to 10,000 white people polled?

Here they go hiding again in front of your eyes....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I feel that reparations are in order. Yes, I really do. The reason: white America has wasted my life. Yep, they did it, not me. When whites accuse me of wasting my own life and I should have some accountability for my behavior, they compare me to white folk. Well, the ballgame wasn’t the same for me and such accusations just relieve them of their culpability in my condition. See, you can’t compare apples to oranges and get answers only using apples will give you.

Since the inception of these United States, people who look like me have had to endure, not just economic manipulation at all levels, but also socio-psychological manipulation as well and all under the threat of physical damage, which includes the criminal justice system. Not one white person can make such a claim, not even Timothy McVey.

This is why they wasted my life. I had to spend a lifetime of walking around white people instead of using the time to better my life free of racial, cultural and social stress. In order to have some type of economic security, I spent a lifetime of psychological debasement making them comfortable with the ill mannered way they treated me.

Many white folks (and some blacks) say that I don’t deserve reparations because slavery was so long ago and neither the slave nor the massa lives today. Well from my vantage point and history can back me up, the massa just moved off the plantation and settled up north. From there they could better control the “free slaves” with discriminatory laws, racist policy, and a unified code of conduct, all used to waste my life while making them look benevolent to the world.

So I (and those who look like me) deserve reparations to repair the damage for their wasting my life. And since whites can’t exhume my ancestors to pay them for wasting their lives, me, as their heir, (and similar to whites inheriting land, equity, and comparative easily gained fortunes from their dead ancestors) should inherit the reparation payment for my ancestor’s misery. They should pay me so I could leave here and live out what’s left of my life in some relative comfort, free of making white folks comfortable and not waste my time dealing with their pathology and working on my own.

They should be tired; I sure as hell know I am.