Tuesday, December 26, 2006


clouded eyes
hopeless hope
listening to
hip hop

powerful religious

Fascist needles
Filled Black Death
Pointed at me
Muttering fearful

Why do I care?

Everything’s for sale
Mind, body, soul,

Stories yet to be told
Tomorrow’s quest
Today’s dreams
empty sorrow
It’s obvious to me
plain to see
Lost black minds are

America's irreversible

Shabaka 08/23/04

On certain occasions, when I’m bored, I may turn on the television. Tonight was one of those evenings. I watched the Daily Show with John Stewart. I understand he has had people like John Edwards, Bill Clinton, and now John Kerry on his show. I thought to myself, this is “liberal” television? I wondered how Blacks and other people of color felt. See, this is one of my main criticisms of people of color who defend white behavior, white “liberals.” Personally, I don’t appreciate being marginalized by conservatives or liberals. The Daily Show, to my limited knowledge, at most has had maybe one or two people of color on the show. They may have had a black or two, but never one who was able to articulate alternative views from a black or non white perspective which is afforded to whites and Jews.

It amazes me how people of color can dismiss so easily the “conspiracy theory” that whites work together for our “containment” whether psychological or physical. Here you have the most “liberal” white show on television and you can’t tell me they can’t find at least one non white person per month, per six months, who is a non athlete or entertainer to interview. They allow social Eurocentric commentary all day long, why not Asian centered, African centered, Indigenous centered? Of course they can find serious non white scholars and thinkers, but they adhere to that unspoken code that People of Color have nothing to offer unless they are singers, dancers or play ball. When they have something "non white" to say, it can only be of entertainment value and marketable only as such.

I'm fairly sure non whites, in the opinions of the Daily show writers and producers, are not center stage material unless we are touting or supporting some white socially cultural accepted or "universal" view. This gives the impression that whites facts and opinions are more important, or put another way, that white ideas and views are “supreme,” and just think, they scream and make "fun" of David Duke as being a "white supremacist.

If this is true, and I believe it is, nearly all whites are neo-colonist. We know about the neocons, but I’d say even the liberal/progressives fill the bill. But try explaining that to the average god fearing Black person or Christian Asian. They are either too preoccupied, fearful, stupid, or just don’t give a damm. They will let you know, in no uncertain terms, that they ain’t giving up their mortgage to live in some apartment or their new car to ride the bus. No down grades in this fight for “liberation.” Materialism is America, so fuck the Daily show and social consciousness. It’s a known fact, who think along these lines become crazy losers.

But I bet you this. Just before it’s all said and done and you are alone with your thoughts. Just before the final sleep, nothing, not car, bank account, house, all the “fun” and material attention you’ve had, the people you’ve loved, places you’ve been, nothing that you’ve done in life will really matter just that moment alone with yourself.

I have a question. When you speak with your spirit for the final time on this plane, how will it answer? Will it let you know that your whole life was a lie because you didn’t fight the indignation of not having non white views on the Daily Show?

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Usually I’m skeptical of any bill sponsored by or promoted by the Republican Party. However, when the Republican Congress blocked HR2662, a bill backed by the Anti Defamation League, I tended to agree with them. The reason was that Senator Kennedy already had a bill, S625, which, in my opinion, doesn’t go as far as HR2662. S625 added CRIMES motivated by sex, sexual orientation, and disability to a list of offenses already covered under a 1968 federal law. However, if I understand it correctly, HR2662 would make it a hate crime to make NEGATIVE COMMENTS in public against or directly to Jews, women, homosexuals, transvestites, female impersonators, persons confused about their gender, pedophiles, witches, warlocks, Satanists and anybody else that petitions to be included as a group on the list.

I believe HR2662 is more politically motivated by a special interest group and this could serious hamper open discussion of race and usher in another control lever on free speech. I think the new Democratic Congress should really let this one go, but if history is any indication, it will pass because of the strong Jewish lobby.

BTW, the word “nigger” will not be protected under HR2662 because black people themselves have made it acceptable to use the word in public discourse. It appears that this is another example of Black peoples’ internalized self destruction.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I was reading some of the liberal/Progressive Democratic blogs and they are happy. Pelosi will be the new House speaker and she wants Murtha to be Majority Leader. The bloggers are still happy.

I have a different take. Murtha is an imperialist. He has nothing against war or killing for a country’s “ideology,” of which religion is a part. In fact, he revels in it as long as it makes sense to him. The Iraqi War was never a mistake for most white folk, including Murtha; the problem came with the justification. Their hypocrisy came loose and for that, Europeans are punishing Bush and Co. See, in European culture, when one’s hypocrisy is exposed and can’t be ignored, they gotta go. It blows the cover of European culture’s ideological white nationalism.

But this hypocrisy is not just reserved for white Europeans. It has also infected their cousins, the Arabs. The Iraqi War is a mess, not just because the white Europeans’ are a majority of Christian imperialists, but their sister religion, Islam, is split between Sunni and Shiites. Not only are the American Christians entrenched in violence in Iraq, the Sunnis and Shiites are going at it like crazy.

So when we look at this situation under deeper cover, we see that religious ideology has a lot to do with this conflict, because which ever ideology prevails, be it Islam or Christianity, who ever owns the prevailing religious ideology, will own the country and it’s resources.

My na├»ve solution to solve the problem is to get rid of religion. But we all know that this solution is next to impossible for the next 1000 years or so. The reason is that both Christianity and Islam are both right. They are right about the others’ religion and this validates their position, according to them. A Muslim will say Christianity is false and they would be correct, thereby validating to their followers that Islam must be correct. The same goes for the Christians. It’s a false deductive argument. The premise is true, the inference is invalid, and therefore the conclusion is false. The logic, blank religion (others) is a false religion, but that doesn’t make blank (their) religion valid, ergo the conclusion is false.

So what’s the answer? Since we can’t get rid of religion any time soon, I’d say hold Pelosi and Murtha to a higher standard until the human species realizes that it’s putting everything on the planet in danger with its reasoning, even the priest and pundits of religion. I’d bet if the whales and dolphins could communicate with us so we could understand one another, they’d say, “You’ll some stupid muthra-fuckers.”

And if the truth be told, we've all been played by the likes of that muthra-fucker. Iraq will be divided, the oil shared among the elite warhawks and their appointed croonies and the people, as usual, are dead and/or screwed.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well it's fall and the leaves are saying goodbye to their summer host. People are also asking, “Are you ready for some football?” Although for many football is a distraction from the daily hustle for the material, it's also an icon of pop culture. For example, the Dallas Cowboys have been christened, “America’s Team.” For the life of me I have no idea why, but I do question the selection. Mainly I question, why in the world does “America’s Team” have to come from the South? Given the history of the South, like its succession from the Union, Slavery, Lynching, Black Codes, Jim Crow, etc., all this has me really perplexed. Why couldn’t “America’s Team” be from a northern city like New York, Philly, or Minnesota?

If the Dallas Cowboys are a symbol of what America is about, and America chooses a symbolic team from the region of the country that has an abysmal record of patriotism, racial compassion, and "progessiveness", what does embracing that symbol tell you? (Hell, maybe if it were the Stars and Bars the question could be more easily answered by some) I know it tells me that those who truly support the Cowboys as “America’s Team” are pissed that the South lost the Civil War, Slavery ended, and they ain’t too keen on the way race relations progressed in this country.

With the above assessment, there’s something more disturbing. Why African American’s would join the cheering section for the Cowboys being “America’s Team?” I can understand that they may be from Dallas or even the South, but does that give them an excuse to ignore history? Do they place the importance of a football team's symbol above the historical struggles of their ancestors? Not being from the South, I’ll ask, is there something that was in the water when they were growing up that makes them think this way? Or even more troubling, not think about it at all?

But who am I to convince folks why America should pick a more "neutral" team as its representative? I just know this football season, as with every season since 1960, I’ll root for the Redskins to beat the Cowboys. See, I have so many reasons and no illusions why I should take that position. First, I’m from D.C. (the most northern of southern cities), second, I have Indigenous and African Blood, and third I question, why in the world would a non white person, especially one whose ancestors were enslaved, cheer on a team that symbolically represents the “colloquialisms” for the slaughter of a people for their land and belief system? All this leads me to believe we should take a hint from the falling leaves and say good-bye to the host of "America's Team," your Dallas Cowboys.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I’m an advocate of same culture relationships. I didn’t come by this conclusion easily. I had to live it to understand it. The main reason is not because of some “racial” idea of superiority or maintenance of skin color, but for the preservation and restoration of cultural ideas, along with the desire to not be controlled by an ideology that is not to my “spiritual” likening.

When I said I didn’t come by this conclusion easily, I meant that I have been involved in some serious “interracial” relationships. I even married a white woman, but I will admit that decision was not based entirely on emotions. Hell, there was even a time when white women where harder to kick than my cocaine and cigarette habit (I suppose that’s why they call coke, white lady), but I was able to rid my mind of all three, although I still have urges for the latter two.

I hope my attitude will not be interpreted as racist or even separatist. That’s not my intent because I do like many white folk. However, I’d like them better if the prevailing racial stereotypes concomitant with America’s historical and contemporary social attitudes weren’t present. And this is one reason why interracial relationships should be put on hold for blacks and whites. I say blacks and whites because other cultures suffer the ills of white supremacy too.

No matter how much I cared for, made love to, got involved with white women, in the back of their minds, I was still the cultural other and they were still white women. It showed in many ways that I chose to ignore. For example, when something appeared on T.V. that portrayed a black person in a negative light, she would look at me with linking eyes making me feel somehow unworthy and even if it was in my own mind, living in this culture promotes such aberrations. When we discussed racial issues, she just couldn’t get the essence of European culture and behavior towards non whites and she had the weight of the world to support her position. She just couldn’t understand white supremacy in its totality and at the time, neither did I. I say neither did I because I got off fucking the white skinned, white man’s woman, that image that was burned in my brain from birth.

In my humble opinion, this is why black/white interracial unions are dangerous for black culture. It trivializes the black and promotes the white. It’s just another avenue to demean the “African-ness” in black people to the point where it means nothing, has no value, therefore can be expendable. And judging from our behavior, we are true to course in expediting our own, first cultural, and perhaps later, physical expendability.

In my final analysis, the only thing that I see as a saving grace, so we won’t go the way of the Blacks in Argentina and other Central and South American countries is to separate. We should build our own cultural ideals with our own world views based on a revised historical cultural essence, then, when we are culturally strong and economically secure, intermingle with the European culture. At that point we can marry, live with, cohabitate with whites and not lose the most important thing a human being can possess, his cultural self esteem and self determination.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I decided to write my bio after seeing Star Parker’s. Hell, she’s got nothing on me.

Here goes:

I was born in Washington, D.C. around the corner from Daddy Grace’s church. I grew up in a house with an over extended family, a tin tub for baths, a coal bin for heat, and a wooden two seat out house that smelled like gassed shit 24-7. We had potatoes nearly every meal and pork shoulder on Saturdays because ham was too expensive. Despite it all, I think we were content. In school I was a smart curious student, outspoken and even then had a social conscious (At 14 years old, I remember seeing Emitt Till's body then declaring war on racist America), but didn’t excel in anything academic. I suppose I got caught up in the ghetto's non promotional educational syndrome, because there weren’t any college grads among my immediate family or aunts and uncles. But I thought I was good looking, so I chased the girls.

Thanks to assistant principal Bobby Boyd, I made it out of high school, barely, and attended Central State University for two years. I withdrew because I was beginning to mature and felt I needed to stop being a spoiled non directional negro living off my struggling mother, so I cashed in my Naval Reserve chit and went to the Vietnam War.

Vietnam changed my life forever. Not in the way it changed most young military men, it changed me because I found out who hated me more than the Southeast Asians. This was a watershed period in my life and would instill a determination and fire in me like nothing I’d experience in this lifetime. See, I refused to let those who wished to grow a colonial dick, do so at my expense. I rebelled and refused “negrodization” to the point where I was told I couldn’t reenlist and this, mind you, was during war time.

I did get married during this time and had my son. I remember that was a very proud time in my life, but also a scary one. How could a confused person like me raise a child and have family? I knew I had problems conforming to the white man’s world. Not that I wanted to kill them like they did Emitt or anything that radical, I just wanted to be a Black man with his own voice. (Something a Black woman can never completely understand) But we all know if you don’t fit their profile, they lock the door to the food, point their little white blaming finger at you knowing well you’ve been historically “conditioned” to fail under their contemporary concomitant systems of white supremacy. If one has any insight, they would know their only out as a black person, if they want to live in debt and have the "prestige" of living similar to white Americans, is to bend over and get the colonial white dick as an extra helping while pretending you are just another man in America. The alternative is to go bum or gangsta.

Gangsta it was. I robbed warehouses, sold drugs, ran women, dabbled in stolen securities, and strapped down with a 357 magnum. In my unconcious state I felt I was finally a man (even though I only had a ghetto voice) until I got my ass thrown in the penitentiary and became a field “nigger” for the all white federal bureau of prisons. But even then, I struck a small blow for my manhood, I organized a food strike when the head of the prison system was visiting and that embarrassed the warden. No one ever told I lead the strike, honor among the criminally insane I suppose.

When I was released I decided that I would not go to prison again. It was most humiliating and talk about an experience that makes you psychologically impotent. So I used what little business skill I had acquired from previous legitimate ventures and tried the import-export business. I traveled to Africa and there I realized that Black folks world wide were in serious trouble. After a few years of back and forth, this didn’t work out either and I was going on 50 years old and still no solid “normal” life. I did the only thing a black, out of work, no skills, ex felony, could do, I went back to finish college.

The only major that tweaked my curiosity was Ethnic Studies. It seemed this was what I needed to help me understand and sort all those conflicting emotions I acquired living in America under white rule. Man, was I not disappointed, this was a thrilling journey. When I graduated from Cal-State, I had cracked the door, but needed more. San Francisco State’s Masters program became my heaven and hell. It all fell into place. I understood what had happen to me, my family, my friends, my ancestors, and my people. I can only say I wish every Black person or non white person could take the journey, the one that will drive you to the depths of depression because you come away seeing so clearly.

While I was in San Francisco State, I got a job teaching believe it or not. Yes, I became a felony public school teacher. This was not a good match in the white man’s colony. A brass balled Black man with a degree in Black Studies and a history of resisting colonialism. I lasted for ten years, hiding, teaching the “unteachable,” the throw away children until they finally caught on. One day the Human Resources Manager sat me down and told me that I wasn’t the person he’d hired. I told him he was mistaken. I was let go.

So Ms. Parker ain’t got nothing on me. All she did was exercise her already preprogrammed negressness and as expected was paid and promoted by the colonial masters to show other negros of their choosing how they too can be successful if they do as they’re told and suppress their true voice (if they could ever find it) and bend over. Nothing new with her bio….

Monday, June 12, 2006


When I was a younger man, I held out hope that the Democratic party of JFK would bring some balance to America's racial problems. Looking at the state of Black America today, it never happened. It appears no matter which one of the two political parties are in power, they always cater to America's white supremacy first and ideas of balance is just a rhetorical reality for non whites. Even in 2006, look at the largely Democrat Kos convention, do you see "balanced" participation in skin color, and god forbid, cultural attitudes?

I believe we are at the point where America must seriously deal with its conveniently ignored domestic racial issues because its international "racial" position demands it. We've reached the point of no return. When and if the progressive democrats get into office, they must stop leaving issues of Black, Brown and Yellow America to so called "minority leaders" who only parrot and get paid. They have no real power or cultural insight to really solve America's racial/cultural problems. The ugly truth is they have been educated by their neo colonial European leaders as part of the problem.

What is the answer? I have no definite clue. I just know there's no balance and doubt within a historical context, if there ever can be. Maybe the answer for White America is the road it appears to be taking today, rid the country of its "color/cultural problem" through different avenues of assimilation, prison, drugs, Aids, homosexuality, suicide/mentacide, etc., then tie it to capitalism which benefits all segments of the populace, even the shrinking "new negro" middle income class. Unfortunately doing this, as opposed to implementing concrete balance or legislating tougher programs like reparations, seems to be more appealing to the masses. As it is, I can see that the new generations of young non-white men are in far greater danger than I during JFK's time.

In my limited view, this is also serious for the white middle class. We all have to live here, we just can't move ourselves or money around like the elite. If America becomes a gang infested, inter war torn, dog eat dog racial hell hole, all people of serious good will must work together and solve the problems (without the religious right or their counterparts hypocritical idiocy) and perhaps use those tougher programs, if necessary. There seems to be a direct correlation between our Black population culturally dying and America, at approximately the same rate, falling into disarray. All this while the racist are still practicing white supremacy and our liberal Progressives-Democrats are behind the scenes mostly being closet supporters.

Maybe, just maybe, Jefferson and Lincoln were right and Europeans and Africans must come to some basic truisms about themselves. One being, Blacks and Whites can't co-exist while keeping their Natural cultural essence, it's too appositional. IF this is the case, then the aspirations of the JFK generation were misguided and we need a new course in the new millennium. We either need to separate or totally amalgamate. Of the two, separation is less difficult and makes more sense because amalgamation means genocide of both cultures and I believe the one with the power will never allow such, as well they should'nt. After all, cultural is not an idea that's subjected to a dialectic, but balance most certainly is.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Illegal immigrants stepped out of the shadows and poured into the streets, marching in waves of red, white and blue as part of a nationwide show of economic clout designed to prove their value to their adopted homeland and pressure Congress for reforms.”

Above is the opening by line in a May 2, Associated Press article. Further down, the article mentions how these illegal immigrants have some economic clout. "This country needs us. We are the strong arms that do all the tough jobs," said Donna Maria Mostache, a 43-year-old cook and illegal immigrant.”

I wonder if all the African Americans in East Oakland, Richmond, North Philadelphia, S.E. D.C., and from all the "other side" of the tracks pour out into the streets, wrap themselves in a wave of red, white, and blue, would that be enough to get us paid for when we were the “strong arms that did all the tough jobs?” Would we get paid for all the free slave labor we supplied “this country,” for over 400 years, making it the land of milk and honey for the “illegal immigrants?”

I realize the prevailing attitude in America is, what have you done for us lately, but those African Americans in the “hood” would have a hard time answering that question today because we’ve been too busy fending off the residual effects of white supremacy and the lost service and construction jobs to “illegal immigrants.” (See the black men out of work statistics and the increase in drug dealing)

I also know that the American way is hard work equals reward and that if you want to work, you can find a job. I’m sure, but would it pay enough to support a family or self respect? Psychologically, as a historically unpaid slave laborer whose ancestors started in such a deep hole, would one be able to mentally sustain near slave wages today? One popular retort is, why not get an education? I often ask, would the system of white supremacy support a 90% black educated work force? What if you are "too black?" What would all the displaced white folks do?

There is a segment of the African American population that is economically doing as well as many whites, and this is commendable. They are the police, the managers, bus drivers, the school teachers, etc. Most are in limiting positions, many as “gatekeepers,” hardly decision makers or entrepreneurs. Further, when riding the metro of any major city, you’ll not see black men in any numbers coming or going to work (Take this informal survey); they are on the corner or in jail. Many of their former jobs are being done for less money by “illegal immigrants.” This has reached the point where now so many are “mental” or drugged out; they can’t hold a job, broken.

What’s the answer? I have none that would gather a consensus. I could only come up with reparations. Pay monetary reparations to those African Americans who wish to leave and make a life elsewhere. America should settle the score of its ancestor’s greed. Those blacks who want to stay, figure out some tax or other economic scheme that will compensate them. Those who are in prison and can’t shake the criminal stigma, keep them locked away. Look, this is mostly about economic control. America is about business, I'm sure they understand that one problem should be fixed before you tackle another, that is, IF this is viewed as a problem. If so, do the right thing with America's "former" enslaved, then if America wishes, make “illegal immigrants” legal and pay them what you will (unlike our black ancestors), to be “the strong arms that do the tough jobs.” Con mucho gusto.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


I wonder if white folk ever considered the mixed signals they send to blacks? They probably don’t, after all they are white, but never mind, I’m going to look at it anyway.

First, we have the overt white racist who insists that black folks are only needed in a limited way, if at all, in America. They let it be known that “this is a white man's country” and blacks are a burden who collect welfare or other social services. Black’s can’t be patriots within the scope of their idea of patriotism, like they say, “This is a white man’s country.”

Then we have the conservative white whose values have some hollowed meaning dating back to the days of the covered wagon. They preach that blacks should pick themselves up by their bootstraps and to do anything less is unacceptable, lazy, and un-American. They never seriously address historical and contemporary reasons why blacks in general are in such poor social-economic shape. They are quick to point out how their ancestors came from “humble” beginnings, as if the system of white supremacy never existed. They truly believe that affirmative action for whites was, and is not, a reality.

Next, we have the liberal white. They and the next group are the most hypocritical. They subscribe to ideals such as multiculturalism and diversity, but do nothing to challenge the fundamental ideas of white supremacy. For example, they write commentary about the ills and inequality of the society, but don’t allow voice to non whites who seek fundamental changes in the way America does business. If an Afrocentric attempts to introduce ideas of Egypt being an African civilization in the public schools, the liberals will encourage the conservatives and racist to attack him as un-American or racist. However, they will openly admit whites committed genocide against the Native Americans, because it changes nothing.

The progressive white is the most interesting. They are the true intelligentsia of the white establishment. They seek change, but only from one group of whites to the next, them. They want “integration,” but on their terms. They will support black issues as long as it doesn’t conflict with their policy. One of their greatest weapons is to ignore challenge, but appear to settle issues “diplomatically and intellectually.” They, in most instances, set the agenda for the liberals.

The last group I’d call Americans, who happen to be white. They comprise about one-half of 0.01% of 240,000,000 whites. These people fight their own indoctrination into white supremacy. They speak with verve and honesty against racism and discrimination. They are dedicated to true equality and have no objections to incorporating meaningful dialogue from anyone who can make this country a better place. They are not “color blind,” nor hypocritical. They will address the systematic evils of white supremacy, and if possible, change it.

This is the mine field blacks must wade through living with white rule in America. Can you imagine dealing with the whimsical mix and match of white attitudes? With all these various signals, is there any wonder why blacks can’t, “get it together?”


Something has been troubling me all these years. I’ve been walking around as a felon, but I don’t feel like a felon. By that I mean I don’t want to break any laws or hurt anyone, in fact, before I achieved my felon status, I didn’t feel that way either. What I felt was anger, disrespect, frustration and that hasn’t really changed. In retrospect, I've had the opportunity to evaluate my life using the experience and knowledge of my years to come to some conclusions , see, hindsight is 20/20.

This investigation is not to make excuses. I broke the law more than once, but concomitantly, is that all there is to being a felon, breaking the law and getting caught? Does that make you a bad person for the rest of your life?

As with most things in America, the criminal justice system is racist. When I was a young black man, this didn’t resonate with me because usually youth are not deep thinkers. I couldn’t deconstruct what the essence of this system was intended to do to blacks, nor did I have anyone to do it for me. It was hidden. However today, it’s clear. (For this essay, I will use young black men as my example, but to different degrees this system affects all non whites and is limiting in economic ways, to poor whites.)

Young black men, because of historical reasons, are usually born poor in America. As in any former colonial system where the descendants of the colonial masters are still in power, the descendants of the colonized are relegated to a systematic “minority” status. There are several means to maintain this status, with the criminal justice system being a primary mechanism. It’s role must be functional, but also concealed as much as possible.

How does it work? Space does not allow for finite details, but I will try to present an overview. Young men across the board are aggressive and desire power. In a material society, this aggression and need for power is translated into possessions. If you are poor, acquisition and power are difficult, if you are black, even more so. This difficulty which translates into nihilism is disseminated through historical and contemporary cultural symbols, such as family environment, media, and formal education. Without a historical and economic support structure to guide and include young blacks, anger, disrespect and frustration becomes the motivating factor for behavior. Prudent decision making is stifled.

As a consequence, young black men try to take the road they conclude is of least resistance, for instance, they may pursue sports or the hip hop culture. If not successful, (or in some cases if they are successful), they often become dispirited with their social/economic status and having no historical cultural foundation of their own, strike out at the “majority culture” by breaking their laws.

When they are caught, if the first offence is not serious or seen as potentially harmful to the “larger public,” the young black man is shown “leniency.” Those who run this system understand that the social conditions of young black men, as described above, will more than likely return them to the system.

Showing “leniency” in this manner, hides the real intent of the system. It makes others think the system is fair and just, when it is not. For example, when in the system, the disparity in sentencing for blacks, the guidelines for offenses committed by racial groups, and the availability of personal contacts and money, all put young blacks at a disadvantage. Even the public perception of who is a criminal works against blacks.

The American system in general is constructed to limit black competition for jobs and resources. However, the prison industrial complex has been found to increase jobs and resources for whites through prison industries and related services. The increased prison population translates into revenue for poor white communities, making black bodies again profitable, similar to enslavement. (social commentary).

As with my case, carrying the label of “felon” for life also decreases the opportunity to compete. The stigma alone gives people who wish to maintain the system of white supremacy and covert/overt racism, the opportunity to dismiss and discriminate against you without conscious. The system therefore remains safe from blacks (or other "minorities") making any meaningful impact on or altering its inner workings. Young black men continue to be angry, disrespected, and frustrated while still being incarcerated in large numbers. When released they continue to carry the stigma of felon and the criminal justice system continues to be encouraging. The system allows people, both black and white, to say without conviction, it works.

I wrote this with the hope that some young black person will read it and realize how their life is being "set up" for failure, if they are not aware and careful. Although people say, "You have a choice to not break the law," and they are 100% correct, but they should also understand; what you don't know, really don't know, can hurt you. "Set ups" are meant to blindside the unsuspecting.

"Fla. Teen Gets 30 Years for Gun Possession"

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Lionel Tate was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in prison for violating probation, the latest legal twist for the teenager convicted of murdering a 6-year-old girl in what his attorneys initially claimed was a pro wrestling move.

In the latest case, Tate had faced 10 to 30 years in prison on charges of violating his probation by having a gun and robbing a pizza delivery man last year.

The judge on Thursday let him withdraw his guilty plea in the May 2005 robbery but still sentenced him on the gun charge. The robbery trial is set for Sept. 18.

Even defense attorney H. Dohn Williams didn't understand why Tate would want to go to trial on the robbery charge, given that a conviction could bring a life sentence in addition to the 30 years for the probation violation.

Tate could have simply received 30 years total for both charges under the deal.

"He continues to get bad advice from meddling third parties," Williams said outside court.

Williams said Tate's mother, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Kathleen Grossett-Tate, has told him he could win an appeal on the probation violation conviction, win his robbery case and leave jail in a year. She left court without commenting.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Brave New World...Maybe?

Has anyone ever considered that we are maybe the third civilization to inhabit this planet? Just like people believe in reincarnation of the individual soul, perhaps there’s some reincarnation of a “civilization's” soul. This reincarnation of civilizations demands that it keeps coming back until we get it right. But the catch with many of us is, we are too stupid to ever get it right. Each time we build a civilization, we really don’t evolve ourselves.

If we look at the bible as basically a flawed history book, we don’t know if or when the first world was destroyed (maybe by earthquake or wind), but we do know the next world was done in by water. Now, if we are living in the third civilization, then it’s predicted to be done in by fire. Remember, we knew this long ago before we invented the nuclear bomb.

But what do we stupid humans do? We continue to build more deadly weapons while most unfailingly continue to embrace our primitive animal instincts of xenophobia, greed, and power for control. We also continue to be at odds with Nature and insist that we are not animals, while remaining fixed on the evolutionary scale. Point and case, many doubt evolutionary phenomenon.

Now we face the prospect of an escalated war with our abundant "fiery" nuclear weapons and none of the major players involved are really thinking about the past civilizations outcomes. But even more frightening for us humans is, perhaps the power of the Universe’s reincarnation machine is tired of our stupidity. This time when we do our destruction act, there will probably be no reincarnation. Maybe we’ll scorch the planet so badly that we’ll destroy the human DNA print to the point of no return. Consequently, this will be Nature’s way of trying another organism to take our place.

Something to think about, huh? Hell, I stay up at night concerned about stuff like this. But for the real players in this game, I think they'd better consider some of this stuff very seriously.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I can say without a doubt one knows when they are growing old. During my time from youngster to young man, I watch the ending of the careers of Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson. I watch Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali and Bill Russell come and go; I watched the black athelete rein supreme, proud in his physical prowess, warrior’s icons to our young.

I could also imagine how demoralizing and frightening this must have been for our white brethren being in the presence of such physical domination. It would seem so because each year, with each white sport commentator, there was always a white hope. Max Schmeling, Jake Lamotta, Frank Gifford, Jerry Quarry, John Havlicek, all good, but not quite up to the task, no matter the hype.

But now, when I look through these eyes that had witnessed such splendid African American male potency, they reveal a different tale. Age and living not only took its toll on me, but in a large degree the pride of black manhood. I no longer see the images of those magnificent athletes. What I see is black self-degradation and a systematic removal of American blacks from athletics. This is all happening in conjunction with the feminizing of Black males in the media and general public. Our warriors have gone because their images have gone.

Concomitantly, our young men have become scavengers. They prey on the weak of their own community while the new ideal of manhood is the blond blue eyed “buffed” soldier, “Sir, Yes sir.” Since it appears black men have succumb to the pressures of white supremacy and racism, is it just a matter of time before their complete transition to oblivion? Will the names of Joe Louis, Sugar Ray, Jim Brown and the others repose in African American museums like the testimonials to Sitting Bull, Geronimo, and Crazy Horse?

With rare exception, when I watch young black men in action, never mind the venue, these eyes see them junking their souls for glitter. Yo dawg, it’ hard out here for a pimp when he tryin to get this money for da rent “you ain’t knowin”…

Friday, April 14, 2006


WTF is this world coming too? I have been writing about how European culture has influenced the way we think and shape our world. How its incessant march to sterility and artificialness is being accepted as universal and welcomed behavior. Yes, we are touching each other less and less. I mean not only physically, but intellectually too. For instance, not too long ago there was a time when we actually took the time to spell out what we wanted to say. However today, we can have complete conversations with a bunch of letters whose meaning you can find on some obscure online “Webopedia.”

So what? Why is that even important to mention? I’ll tell you why. A while back a friend of mine told me that I should use my full name instead of the universally accepted “nickname.” They said it allows other people to recognize you, your human being-ness, instead of just being a quick thought. One would write hello William, instead of hi Bill. Those extra syllables takes time to spell out. It allows for recognition of my being, it makes me more of a person instead of coming from some cookie-cutter quick fix mold.

Today, we can have an entire conversation on a 2X2 inch screen. We can really show how much we care and have the time for those we profess to care about and love. HI. HRU? WRUD? AYEC GBTM WAN2TLK F2F AEAP B4N G2R ILU. Yeah, that makes one feel real important and loved. But over time, like everything else in this insipid rushed culture, we become desensitized and it just goes into the cool, hip, “normal” bin.

Now this may seem trivial to most, but it’s just another sign of where we are going. In twenty years don’t look back and blame some “big brother” or anyone else but ourselves for the world we inherit, if we inherit one at all. When we wake up in a rushed, no touching, cold, sterile, prozac world, just look back on today. Remember that we could have made the choice to take the time to write. We could’ve taken the time to recognize and touch one another with words and deeds; to recognized our human-ness. But hey TMWFI TNSTAAFL :-<>

Friday, January 27, 2006


The recent legitimate victory by Hamas using the “democratic” process has been denounced by the proponents of democracy, can you imagine that? This is bad news when the United States threatens to withhold funds because Hamas won a free democratic election. It’s a cloudy day when Europeans refuse to sanction such elections as credible.

The problem, as I see it, is not that these countries are allowing hypocrisy to rule the day, but because the average person looking at the world from some "third world" enclave can see the duplicity. The pretense has been pulled off and the emperor stands before his subjects naked covered in oil while the whispers start in the streets. Even our own troops, who are fighting and dying in Iraqi to bring “democracy,” will be affected by this revelation in ways yet imaginable. Selected double standard democracy will not do. A democracy that’s dictated by the West for the political purposes of the west will only bring disaster to the west when exposed as a means to their hegemony.

Yes Houston, we have a problem and the eagle got its wings clipped. Unless the bird of freedom can now land and allow itself to heal, there’s no telling where this foolishness will end. Unless the Western ideal can adopt a new flavor of legitimacy by making sincere efforts to walk the earth instead of looking down upon it as puppet master, it ain’t gonna be safe for anyone. It is possible with this reaction to Hamas the whole world will now try to extinguish the muted lights of democracy that sprung up over the last several hundred years, then what will the West do? We don’t have that many troops.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

109th Congress and Republican Nationalism

With the recent scandals rocketing through Congress, I can’t help but reflect on why we have this Republican Congress in the first place. How could we allow this imbalance when in the past we have been careful in most instances to have the Congress and the Executive in both parties. However as money becomes more of an election determinate, the political will of the people will erode.

It is also possible race and class is a necessary catalyst. What do I mean by that? A simple answer would be that both race and class are needed to support our systems of capitalism and politics. Few folks, both “liberal” or “conservative” will own up to this fact. For example, the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white therefore it is perceived to protect white interest. If they are ideologically in disfavor with a majority of voters, they can do three things. One, enjoy positive media propaganda from republican media outlets, two, use their republican business contacts to influence elections outcomes and three, appeal to their fundamentalist white republican Christian base. If these practices are called into question nothing really happens because they control avenues of capital and information. See white people are reluctant to break from the party that is perceived to protect their interest and side with “minorities“, two, the media “back pages,” ignores or “spins” the incidents and three, the republican party protects god and the power of the church and America is basically a white "Christian nation." This is why they are essentially nationalistic with race as the glue that holds it together.

A working definition of nationalism is, “the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals.” The republican party has become a “nation” within a “nation” and it is obvious that they fit the remainder of the definition. The democrats can’t breathe in congress and G.W. does what he wants with impunity.

America, if it cares to look, will have a first hand glimpse of what republican nationalism can and can’t achieve. Corruption and division it can, unity it can’t. “Republican nationalism” isolates forces that offers checks and balances to the one sided goals of corporate interest and religious tyranny. It can stifle progressive movements and foster national nihilism. It can bring greed to a new low and promote cultural arrogance. It is not healthy for the country, and we will see what America is made of in the 110th Congress.