Saturday, April 17, 2010

How can I talk about racism?

This is the most difficult part of most people coming to terms with my thinking. Knowing there are everyday white people who have mundane jobs trying to make ends meet and knowing that there are a great many poor white people. How can I talk about racism in light of this and the existence of our black bourgeois and the election of President Obama? How can discussions about the existence of racism be valid?

The answers are complex. However I think the most prominent, and also the most covert, are racial attitudes based in the history of racism. Ideas of place and power rooted in fear and cultural memes. Ideas that are the foundation of this country and ideas that have been built to support its economic and social structures. Ideas of the supremacy of European phenotype and the inferiority of the African phenotype, all on some sliding scale controlled by the European cultural establishment. For example, and with few exceptions, the black Harvard and Princeton grads go to the top of the list with the next tier being the black fraternity and sorority members. They tout what they have learned, given the credential of approval, and moved up the social ladder to” spread the word.” They take their children to museums that show the greatness of the European conquest and how superior their arts and sciences. They encourage the masses of blacks to do the same and debased African thought and culture if not overtly, then covertly by their mere presence and place.

With this social structure in place, even the poor white people are able to maintain a superior social attitude. Those “blacks” credited with being our best and brightest are striving to achieve the given social status of the economically poor white. That’s why Obama can invite a police sergeant to the white house for a beer after he just dissed a Harvard professor (and Obama friend) then everything is OK because white folks feel better. Their cultural power, as expressed through their social order, is not threatened. How do you heal this? How do you get the European phenotype to even acknowledge this social/cultural disorder as a problem when it’s not to their advantage to do so? In fact it may be dangerous to do so because of the violence it may invoke.

However I know that the order of things today stifles this country. It keeps one group comfortable with their privilege, and in turn keeps other groups unable to seriously deal with their social/cultural inferiority complexes, both situations exacerbating a negative environment which hampers productivity and creativeness.

But why do I concern myself with such things, I’m not a black Harvard grad or frat member.

Note: I hope President Obama sincerely felt that inviting the police sergeant to the white house was a gesture of racial healing without any culturally induced notions of white supremacist influence. Albeit hard to accept that premise given his education and surroundings.

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