Friday, August 05, 2011

How to debunk cultural white supremacy

I have concluded that ALL white skinned people support in some manner the world wide system of white supremacy, they just pick and choose what degree and what level. For example, some white woman was recently held captive in Somalia and now she wants to return to help with the famine. On the surface this sounds benign but again it goes to show the humbleness, forgiveness, and generosity of white skinned people while all the while their political-economic systems helped create the situation in Somalia and other parts of Africa. This white woman may not consciously acknowledge her role in white supremacy, but it’s there to hide its aggression and intent.

Then you have the so called “white supremacist” whose role it is to divert the meaning of white supremacy away from the social-economic-religious- political systems that support it. For example Stormfront preaches that their goal IS white supremacy. I don’t understand that because their goal has already been reached. Look at who controls the resources of the world, the European Nationals, England, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, the United States, ALL white skinned nations. Therefore I can only conclude that the supporters of Stormfront are either seeking separation from non whites or there purpose is to keep up the deception and division.

In light of my thoughts about white supremacy I’ve concluded in order to combat this global plague, that robs non whites of their spiritual/cultural efficacy, is to fight fire with fire. No not the fire of an automatic weapon, that fight will be too costly and no one will win. We must fight white supremacy with its counter part, the concept of Ma’at. Ma’at challenges white supremacist notions on all fronts, social, political, religious, economic, physical and psychological. It basically debunks the Europeans notions of cultural white supremacy with Truth, Justice, Balance, Harmony, Order, Propriety and Reciprocity. European nationalism can not exist if these values are ingrained and upheld in society as is cultural white supremacy today.

Many may think this an impossible task but it isn’t if implemented over time. In the black community our biggest challenge is to remove the black mind from monotheistic religions and back to spirituality because only with spirituality minus the religious essence of a creator god, can we accept with sincerity Ma’at as a way of life.

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